• ID301 electronic digital lock ID301 electronic digital lock
  • ID301 electronic digital lock ID301 electronic digital lock
  • ID301 electronic digital lock ID301 electronic digital lock
  • ID301 electronic digital lock ID301 electronic digital lock

ID301 electronic digital lock

Unlock by password/mifare 1 card
Voice and menu operation prompt
Wrong password/card alarm
Low voltage alarm
Double lock by lifting the lever
Emergency power back-up
Mechanical key override
Stainless steel material

ID301 electronic digital lock




Three Unlocking Methods


Password and RFID card can be the keys to unlock the door.
Mechanical keys are used for override.





Touch Screen Keypad and Random Password Protection


With a high quality black touch screen pad, there is no more worry about leaving the fingermark on the screen.
The Random Password Protection make you can add any number before the real password, and then secure you 





Reversible Handle Design


Using screw driver to loose the handle screw inside, the handles can be changed to another direction easily.






OLED Display Time and Notification


The lock shows messages from the display to add value for the daily usage experience and check unlocking records tracking.

Tech Specs
ID301 electronic digital lock


Power supply 4.5~~6V(4AA )
Static current ≤50μA
Dynamic current ≤250μA
Digital user capacity ≤300 group (9 master groups and 291 user groups)
Card user capacity ≤300 group (9 master groups and 291 user groups)
Resolution rate 500 DPI
FRR ≤0.15%
Error rate ≤0.00004%
Working temperature −10~~60°C
Working humidity 20~~93%RH
Unlock way Digital,card and mechanical key
Door thickness 40~~110mm
Exploded View

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