Before you install your smart door lock by yourself, you should make sure that it won’t affect the after-sales service for this smart lock. Many smart door lock companies say that they don’t provide the after-sales service for the self-installation locks, because it may bring some quality problems due to the poor installation.

The home smart door lock is a new product, many clients don’t know how to install it in a simple and efficient way. ilockey will show it step by step to install a smart door lock.

1. Prepare for the door

Open the packing box to see if the smart lock accessories are all in readiness. It should include front and rear panel, lock body, square steel, 2 mounting screws, 4 guide screws, 2 connecting screws, 2 silicone pads, 4 screws, square steel spring, hole drawing, 4 AA batteries, and so on.

Different brand smart locks may have different accessories, you can check it with the user manual.

You should provide the following measuring data:

  • The length of the door lock guide plate
  • The width of the door lock guide plate
  • The door thickness
  • The lock body deviation distance
  • The horizontal mounting hole spacing of the lock body
  • The vertical mounting hole distance of the lock body
  • Guide piece shape

2. Adjust the lock bolt

Some doors have the distinction of opening inside and outside, and the bolt is also divided into inside and outside. You should adjust the lock bolt according to the actual situation. Switch the bolt in the direction the door opens.

3. Check the lock guide plate

The guide plate should match the door aperture size, or you need to replace it.

4. Precautions before installation

  • The lock body can be loaded into the slot;
  • The front and rear panels can completely cover the holes in the door. If not, it can’t be installed.
  • The back panel should have a certain distance from the door, or it will affect the door opening and closing.

5. Start Your Installation

If everything is ok, you can start to install your smart door lock. Install the lock body to the opening slot and tighten the guide screw.

Install the connector screws on the front panel, put the silicone pads on the front and rear panels, and put the square steel springs on the back panel.

Install the front panel on the door, then install the rear panel.

After you installed the rear panel, don’t rush to tighten the screws, try to simply press down the handle and see if the safety switch can move freely.

If everything is ok, tighten the connector screws on the front and rear panels, install the battery and test whether the smart lock can be used normally.


  • Keep your fingers clean before using this product.
  • In original settings, it can be unlocked with any fingerprint, any card, or password `123456` and `#`.
  • If the power is insufficient, there will be an alarm prompt, please replace with 4 new batteries in time.
  • Please don`t use corrodent material to clean the surface.

When the password/fingerprint/card/APP can not unlock the door, please use the key to unlock the door. Please keep the emergency key with you or put it in an outdoor-safe place.