A smart lock allows us to unlock the door without a physical key, you don’t need to worry about forgetting the key anymore. Choosing the right smart lock will bring you a safer environment and a more convenient life. However, many people have a misunderstanding about smart locks. They usually spend more money to buy a smart lock that is not suitable for their home. Here are some buying suggestions from professional smart lock manufacturers.

#1. Common Misunderstanding for Choosing Smart Locks

Having a good understanding is the first thing we should consider for choosing smart locks. Here are some common misunderstandings in choosing smart locks.

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1. The more functions, the better the smart lock

The common unlocking methods for smart locks include fingerprints, passwords, RFID cards, mechanical keys, and their combinations. Some merchants will add many functions to a smart lock, so that consumers will think that they have purchased a super cost-effective smart door lock. However, too many functions also mean that the smart lock needs a complicated structure, which has hidden dangers such as easy failure and unstable performance.

Therefore, the choice of smart home locks is not based on the number of functions, but on performance, especially security.

2. Too much attention to the appearance of smart locks

As the smart lock has a specific decorative effect on the door, people often like to choose a beautiful smart lock. However, you should always put safety and quality first, avoiding paying too much attention to the appearance of the smart lock.

In the case of severe homogeneity of smart locks, some manufacturers may work hard on the appearance to make up for the lack of quality. Too much attention to appearance may bring you a poor-quality smart lock. As users, we can choose smart locks to see the appearance, but it depends more on the quality.

3. The more affordable the smart lock, the better

Some smart locks have a similar appearance, but the price is very different. People often prefer to buy the cheaper one because they think these locks are the same. The smart lock price ranges very extensively in the market, that’s why some people are easy to confuse.

However, although the appearance is the same, the quality is different. What determines the quality of a smart lock is the materials inside, as well as its after-sales service. A good quality smart lock often can be used for 10-20 years, but many cheap smart key door locks don’t have such a guarantee. If there is a problem, the after-sales cannot keep up, and the risk may be great.

Therefore, you’d better buy smart locks from mainstream brands. These brands have a high reputation and recognition, and long-time been involved in door locks or smart products.

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#2 How Much Do Smart Locks Cost

It is very necessary to know the approximate price range of various smart locks because it can prevent us from being fooled by merchants and avoiding spending unnecessary money. The cost of a smart lock is roughly divided into the cost of the smart lock itself and its installation cost.

Many different types of smart locks are available on the market. Each function provides you with the convenience and safety you need, but the function is different and the price is also different.

1. Smart Keypad Password Lock Price

Smart keypad password lock has an alternate keyboard or keyboard integrated into the phone for remote input. It is a very affordable smart lock because it only has a small keyboard and no WIFI function. You need only pay 60-150 dollars to bring this smart keypad password lock to your home.

2. Bluetooth Smart Lock Price

By connecting to Bluetooth, the Bluetooth door lock can be unlocked remotely by setting a password, or it can be set to be automatically unlocked. The price of a Bluetooth smart lock is about $40-$80.

3. Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Price

The smart fingerprint door lock uses the touch screen to recognize your fingerprint to enter. There are usually backup methods, including keyboard, RFID, and smartphone access. The cost of fingerprint smart locks is about $90-$150.

4. Smart RFID Door Lock Price

The smart RFID door lock is to uses an RFID card to open the door, it is usually used in hotels and apartments. The average price is about $40-$60.

5. Smart WIFI Lock Price

By connecting to WIFI, the smart WIFI lock allows you to remotely change the access code or check if anyone enters your home. The average cost of a WIFI smart door lock is about $80-$130.

#3 Choosing Suggestions for Smart Lock

Many people have given suggestions for buying smart locks. Ilockey tries to give some suggestions from the perspective of smart lock manufacturers. A good and suitable smart door lock is mainly compared and purchased from the following points:

1. Smart Lock Material

The material of smart locks usually includes zinc alloy, stainless steel, reinforced plastic material, aluminum alloy, and copper. Every material has its unique features, it will directly affect its application in smart lock manufacturing.

For example, copper has strong comprehensive performance, but as copper smart lock needs a complicated manufacturing process, it is also the most expensive smart lock types. Stainless steel has good hardness and durability, but its style and color are relatively simple; Alloy materials are easy to process and shape, many smart locks are made of zinc alloys.

Therefore, stainless steel or zinc alloy materials are often found in common smart locks, they are good quality, affordable, and easy to buy.

2. Smart Lock Cylinder

The smart lock cylinder is the soul of a lock, a high-quality lock cylinder has many excellent performances, such as sufficient safety factor, right materials, stable structure and not easy to break, etc.

It can be divided into A, B, and C levels. The A-level has the lowest safety performance in terms of anti-drilling, anti-spy, and anti-technical opening. The c-level is the highest safety performance, as well as strong resistance to fracture.

C-level smart lock cylinder adopts double row, computer, compound curve groove, and the unlocking time of general technology can reach 270 minutes! It can be said that it is the lock cylinder with the highest safety factor at present. So, choosing a smart lock with a c-grade stainless steel smart lock cylinder is better.

3. Fingerprint head

If you are looking for a fingerprint smart lock, a fingerprint head is the first thing you need to notice. The identification technology in the fingerprint lock includes an optical fingerprint head and a semiconductor fingerprint head. Although both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, a semiconductor recognition fingerprint head is better for our diary using.

Semiconductor identification fingerprint head has a high safety factor, and it is the mainstream technology in fingerprint smart locks in recent years. Just like unlocking with a mobile phone fingerprint, it records fingerprints through temperature, pressure, electric field, etc. The Swedish FPC is one of the most high-end chips of this type, which are using by both Kardex and Siemens.

Company locks generally use optical fingerprint heads to punch the clock, it can only record the surface patterns of fingerprints. As it has a high error rate and can be easily deceived by fake fingerprints, it has been gradually eliminated.

4. Smart Lock Battery

The smart lock battery can be divided into dry batteries and lithium batteries. The dry battery is easy to buy, low cost, no safety risk, and it generally can be used for over 6 months, it the mainstream power supply for smart locks.

Lithium batteries have a risk of explosion and leakage, you’d better avoid buying a smart lock than using a lithium battery.

5. Unlocking method

The most basic unlocking methods include fingerprint, password, RFID card, and a key. With mobile technology, using mobile apps to unlock the door is becoming popular.

However, try to avoid the shopping misunderstanding that the more function, the better. The most important for a smart lock is its necessary skill for safety, then consider other fancy functions.

A smart lock with an extra key is recommended to buy because it is the last solution to avoid the smart lock unlocking failure. The keyhole is usually located at the bottom of the lock.

6. Virtual Password

Virtual password technology means that you can add any number of digits before and after the correct password. As long as there is a continuous and valid password in the entered numbers, the door can be opened, effectively preventing the leakage of the password.

Compared with fixed passwords, virtual passwords have higher security performance, the length can be increased at will, and the password can be modified every time you enter it.

7. Smart Lock Budget

If your budget is limited, try not to buy a fully automatic smart lock, semi-automatic is better. After closing the door, the semi-automatic smart lock requires you to turn the handle to flip the lock, while the automatic smart lock doesn’t need to do it.

From a practical point of view, fully automatic is better because you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock. However, the automatic lock body has technical barriers. The best silent electronic control automation technology is not well-known yet, and the cost is high; the lithium battery drive and the lock are not stable and sufficient.

Simply put, a good automatic smart lock is very expensive, while a low-priced automatic smart lock has poor quality.

8. Adapt the door thickness

Before buying a smart door lock, you must know whether your door is suitable for installation. The thickness of the door should be greater than the smart lock.

For example, the thickness of the wooden door usually needs to be greater than 4cm. If it is an iron door, there must be a gap greater than 3cm between the iron doors.

#4. Conclusion

A smart lock is a service-heavy product, after-sales is very important, if possible, it is better to buy it from the dealer than amazon. The different place usually requires different types of smart locks, if you are not sure what smart locks are suitable for your place, you can have a look to know the typical types of smart locks.

No matter what types of smart lock you are looking for, it is same method to check the quality of smart lock, that is material, lock cylinder, unlocking method, battery. Hope this suggestion can help you select a suitable smart lock for your house.