The application of fingerprint technology in modern life and work is becoming more and more common. New phenomena in life and work such as fingerprint access control and attendance, fingerprint social security, fingerprint banking, fingerprint shopping, and fingerprint extraction have been widely understood. Fingerprint technology is constantly refreshing our modern lifestyle.

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Therefore, the world’s top fingerprint identification technology has been highly valued worldwide, and the application of fingerprint identification technology has developed rapidly. At present, many companies have participated in the development and application of fingerprint recognition technology, but most companies have introduced foreign fingerprint recognition modules for system integration and development. The cost is high and marketing is difficult.

Today, Ilockey will introduce some common problems and solutions of fingerprint access control attendance system

1. Can I identify the tape or copied fingerprints?

Do not. The fingerprint attendance machine can only recognize living fingerprints.

2. What should I do if my finger is injured and the fingerprint cannot be recognized?

Attendance fingerprint machine can create two different fingerprint files under the same attendance staff name. Whenever one fingerprint cannot attend attendance due to an injury, another can be used. Or change your finger and register to attend again.

3. Shown Will the data be lost after the power is off?

Do not. The attendance machine is equipped with memory, and the attendance data will be automatically stored and backed up in real time.

4. How many people does a fingerprint attendance machine need to use?

The fingerprint attendance machine is determined by the fingerprint capacity. As the number of commuters is relatively concentrated, they are generally completed within 15 minutes. It is more appropriate to use one of 200 people at a time. The fingerprint attendance machine can manage more than 10,000 people.

5. The fingerprints of some users often cannot be verified by the access control. How to solve this problem?

Some employees may have difficulty using or not using fingerprints for access control because of the following circumstances:

  • Fingerprints on some fingers are smoothed;
  • Too many folds on the fingers, often changing;
  • Severe peeling of fingers;

Users who cannot recognize the fingerprint can delete the fingerprint and register again, or register another finger.

Such users need to choose better quality fingerprints (less wrinkles, no skin, clear fingerprints) when registering fingerprints, try to touch the fingerprint collection head area with their fingers, and do a comparison test after registration; then register a few spare fingers.

6. What is the reason why the access control system cannot communicate?

The possible reasons are:

  • The communication port is set incorrectly. The selected communication port is not the actual COM port used.
  • The baud rate of the computer communication port is inconsistent with the baud rate set by the finger keeper.
  • The access control machine is not connected to the power supply or not connected to the computer;
  • The access control machine is connected but not turned on.
  • The access control terminal number is wrong.
  • The data line or converter cannot communicate.
  • The computer’s COM port is faulty.

7. After the access control attendance machine is powered on, the LCD display is incomplete, sometimes only half of the display is displayed, and sometimes the screen is displayed. Whyis therea problem, and what can be done about it?

The possible reason is that 1 the motherboard is not good; 2. the internal characteristics of the liquid crystal. At this time, you need to contact the supplier and return for repair.

8. How to clear the access control attendance machine of the administrator?

You can use the access control machine to communicate with the computer. After the communication is successful, enter the access control time and attendance system management software tab, click the clear administrator button to clear the access control machine administrator. After disconnecting, enter the access control device menu mode.

9. What is the cause of the “sound” when the access control and attendance equipment is connected?

  • If the above phenomenon occurs when using RS-232 communication, it means that the baud rate of the computer does not match the baud rate setting of the finger keeper.
  • If RS-485 communication is used, the two wires of the converter communication line may be reversed, or the two wires may be stuck together.

10. Itrepeatedly displays the message”Please leave (press) your finger” after the access control system has been turned on.Is there any problem? How to solve it?

The reasons for this problem may be:

Due to a long time of use, the surface of the collecting head becomes dirty or scratched, causing the collecting head to mistakenly believe that there is a finger on the surface that cannot pass through, and this problem occurs. In this case, self-adhesive tape can be used to stick the dirt on the surface of the collection head.

The connection of the fingerprint capture head is loose.

The motherboard chip is broken.

Items 2 and 3 will require you to apply for a warranty if there are two reasons.

11. During access control and attendance management operations, it is possible to download fingerprint and password data, but when reading access control records, it prompts a fault or halfway error. How to solve it?

This may be related to the data cable, or converter, or the COM port of the computer. In this case, you can lower the baud rate of the access control and computer, such as 19200 or 9600, and then read it.

12. The attendance machine cannot be connected

  • This situation usually happens to customers who use 485 communicators.
  • The two wires connecting 485 communicator A+ and B- are reversed.
  • Wrong address selection when adding the attendance machine. The machinenumber of the attendance machine is the address number.
  • The machine number setting of the attendance machine is limited to 0001-

When adding the attendance machine information, the port number is selected incorrectly.

13. Can the attendance software issue an attendance card?

Check whether the attendance equipment is connected.

If the attendance machine is set up as a card reader, open the software interface of the attendance management system.

The attendance machine is out of power. When using the finger keeper, please plug in the power of the finger keeper.

14. The attendance software can’t find the attendance details record?

  • The collected data was not analyzed.
  • There is no shift or the shift start date is wrong.
  • There is no setting information for specific attendance parameters such as the above working hours.

When using this software, please strictly follow the instructions and operating procedures.

15. The user presses the fingerprint on the fingerprint attendance machine. Why is the access control system software not displayed and the access control number is not generated?

There may be two situations:

  • Users must first register fingerprint time attendance and access control management software. When using automatic plus sign or real-time monitoring, after successful registration, a number will be generated based on the fingerprint.
  • The GND of the attendance fingerprint machine is not connected to the GND of the controller card reader position. If the fingerprint machine is powered separately, it must be connected to this GND, otherwise there may be no Wiegand signal output.

16. When the user swipes the card on the fingerprint machine to open the door, why the card number displayed by the fingerprint machine is not consistent with the card number displayed by the access control software, and how to be consistent?

When the time attendance fingerprint machine reads the card, it usually reads the original card number of the card, that is, the 10-digit card number, but when the fingerprint machine outputs the Wiegand 26 signal, the output is the machine number + user number. Please consult the fingerprint machine manufacturer if the requirements are the same.

17. The fingerprint attendance machine on the door opened by the user is: swipe card + fingerprint, why has the door not opened after swiping the card?

After the fingerprint machine identifies the user, the machine sends out the Wiegand 26 signal. As mentioned above, to use swipe + fingerprint, the user needs to swipe the card and then press the fingerprint. After the two identifications are completed together, the fingerprint machine outputs Wiegand signals together.

18. If the user uses multiple fingerprint machines for attendance, the same person will be registered repeatedly in the access control management software. How to avoid this problem?

It is indeed the same person repeating the registration problem, because the fingerprint machine usually has its own number. When the Wiegand signal is output, the Wiegand number will be different according to the different phone number. The same person is 10001 and 20001. Wiegand numbers output on two fingerprint machines. To solve this problem, it depends on whether the fingerprint machine has the function of setting inorganic output, that is, only the user number is output, and the user number is unique, so that the access control software does not need to be registered repeatedly.

19. If the user wants to use the illegal card alarm function on the fingerprint machine, how to realize it?

Since the fingerprint machine is a legitimate user, there will be Wiegand signal output, while illegal fingerprints are not output, so this function cannot be implemented.

20. Howdoyou set the duress password function of the fingerprint attendance machine in the access control software if the user wants to use it?

Although the fingerprint machine has a duress alarm function, the controller cannot use this duress signal as a duress password, but only as a legal Wiegand signal. If the customer wants to use this function, it can only be realized by receiving the alarm through the fingerprint machine itself.

21. 2485 fingerprint machine networking and 485 access controller networking, can they share one serial port and one bus?

Although they are all 485 communication methods, in the actual wiring, it is best to go on each bus, which may interfere with each other, which is inconvenient for the maintenance of the equipment.

22. How to open the door with multiple fingerprints and how to operate?

This function can be realized, but the access control software needs to enable the multi-card opening function. Please refer to the access control software manual for the method of using multi-card to open the door.

23. The customer uses multiple fingerprint machines and access control controllers. Because the fingerprint machine software does not have the function of outputting the machine number, the access control software has multiple card number problems for the same person. In this case, how to attend?

In this case, it is best not to use access control software for attendance, but to use fingerprint machine software for attendance. If you must use the access control software for attendance, you can only specify a card reader in the access control software for attendance, and the rest are not required.