I believe that when you are preparing to buy a fingerprint lock for your home or your house, you must have encountered these problems:

  • How much is the fingerprint door lock?
  • Are fingerprint door locks expensive?
  • How to buy a fingerprint lock correctly?

So in this article, you will have a detailed understanding of the price of fingerprint door locks in different ranges.

In addition, you will understand the characteristics and differences of fingerprint locks, and purchase goods in different price ranges

1. Fingerprint door lock price analysis

Let’s divide the price of fingerprint door locks into three ranges:

  • Low, the so-called low-end price,
  • Mid-range price.
  • The price of high-end fingerprint door locks.

1Low-end fingerprint door lock price

Generally speaking, this means that the online price of fingerprint door locks is less than US$300 and the offline price is less than US$400.


  1. Afingerprint door lockis characterized by simple design, non-networked or pseudo-networked (random passwords) features, and copper-free materials, which are all common features within its price range.
  2. Within this range, the price order of smart fingerprint locks is generally based on material: iron
  3. In terms of the quality of smart fingerprint door locks, the price is getting better and better from low to high.

Except for a few products, there is still a gap between low-end fingerprint lock products and mid-to-high-end products.

Precautions for purchase

  1. In particular, you must pay attention to some retail smart fingerprint door locks that are not branded. Fingerprint locks are inexpensive, reducing costs in terms of product quality, service, and experience.
  2. It does not seem that there is much difference between low, medium, and high-price fingerprint locks in terms of accessories or structure. Sincelockbodies are primarily mechanical, stainless steel is rarely used.
  3. The lock cylinder is C-level lock cylinder, most of which are equipped with semi-automatic hand-held door opening and anti-cat eye opening. Therefore, it is not recommended to distinguish between these two points.
  4. The difference between fingerprint sensors is not great. Duetothe fact that the optical fingerprint sensor has a lower price than the semiconductor fingerprint sensor. Therefore, try not to distinguish the price of fingerprint locks by finger sensors.
  5. You can still distinguish it like this: The price of this fingerprint door lock must be optical, but optical is not necessarily. At this price, the same applies to semiconductors.

2) Mid-range fingerprint door lock price

Generally speaking, this means that the price range of fingerprint door locks online is 400-500 US dollars, and offline is less than 600 US dollars.

Within the price range of this fingerprint door lock, whether you buy fingerprint door locks online or offline, fingerprint door locks are the best-selling in the retail market. Numerous fingerprint door lock brands produce the majority of their products in this price range.

In this price range, the competition among mainstream fingerprint lock manufacturers is the most intense. However, the price range of this fingerprint door lock is mainly concentrated in the retail field, rather than the commercial field of the engineering field.


  1. The main features of fingerprint door locks for home use include many styles, from simple to European, from Chinese style to American fashion. The appearance of all fingerprint door locks in China can be found in this range, which is the advantage of the battlefield.
  2. Copper began to appear in the material, but the amount was not large. Inthemainstream, zinc alloys dominate, followed by stainless steel, iron materials disappear, and aluminum alloys are rare.
  3. The price of household fingerprint door locks is generally divided by material: stainless steel
  4. At the same time, automatic fingerprint door locks began to appear. If it involves $600, push-pull fingerprint door locks also appear in this range. The overall price is: push-pull>automatic>handle.
  5. The detail treatment and surface treatment of the product have begun to make a qualitative leap. Fingerprint door locks have begun to adopt some relatively high-end surface treatment processes, and the products are “durable”. Asignificantimprovement has also been made in quality.

Precautions for purchase

Within this price range, the quality of the fingerprint lock is stable. This is very different from the price of low-end fingerprint door locks.

In terms of accessories and structure, fingerprint locks in this range have begun to shift from low-end prices to cost-effective accessories, and high-end accessories are not ruled out.

For example, FPCs began to appear in finger sensors in this range, and they began to be supplied by major domestic manufacturers.

Optical and semiconductor finger sensors occupy half of the country in this region. At the same time, the mold clamping began to appear mainly made of stainless steel, and the electronic lock body also appeared in the structure.

The lock cylinder does not have to be considered, the low end can be c-level, and the end position is not c-level. I am sorry for the consumer.

  • High-end fingerprint door lock price

Whether buying fingerprint locks online or offline, the price of fingerprint door locks we focus on is more than $600. Within the price range of this fingerprint door lock, this is the battlefield for flagship products. Without this flagship product, the pressure of competition will be considerable.

From the current point of view, companies focusing on the development of retail fingerprint locks will lay out this terminal position.


  1. Itsmain advantageis its high level of detail. Whether it is a celebrity (whether it is a door that is not suitable for the family, we scold it or say it, but we must admit that its details are worth learning).

It is also the flagship product of several domestic leading c-end companies.

  1. Fingerprint lock manufacturers will pay more attention to details.

While developing smart locks using fingerprints, the cost can be ignored and the price sacrificed in order to develop products that are suitable.

  1. The appearance of the fingerprint smart lock style began to appear. When you see the finger scan lock, you will know which company produced it.
  2. In terms of materials, the number of copper fingerprint locks has increased, zinc alloy still occupies the mainstream position, and stainless steel accounts for an even more significant proportion.

If it is missing, aluminum alloy will appear in one or two companies instead, and iron will be ignored.

  1. The tenon and tenon of the lock is not a competition of materials, but the structure, technology and foundation of the lock.

Is the lock cylinder still in use? Quality and safety are necessary tasks for this terminal post and have been completed.

Precautions for purchase

In terms of accessories and structure, tonics are all domestic and even international first-line hand lock manufacturers. Whether it is a finger sensor or a PCBA, it basically meets the international first-class level;

In terms of structure, each company has its own unique design, whether it is a lock tenon or a panel, a clutch structure, etc.

In addition to showcasing their advantages, this is the only way companies can differentiate their products from competitors.

2. What should I pay attention to when preparing to buy a fingerprint lock?

Before you decided to buy a fingerprint lock, there are something important you need to pay attention.

1)Door size

Be sure to consult customer service in advance to see if the size of the door at home is suitable for fingerprint door locks. Some smart fingerprint locks cannot be installed on anti-theft doors.

2)Cylinder level

Be sure to choose a c-level lock core fingerprint lock, which has a high safety factor! Although the c-level lock can be opened in a few minutes in the eyes of thieves, most thieves usually give up when they see the c-level lock, because the door next door is a/b-level lock, which is easier to open. Why is it difficult to choose? Although the price of a c-level fingerprint door lock is high, it will be much safer.

3) Fingerprint identification method

It is possible to recognize fingerprints using either a push or a scratch method. It is recommended to choose a scratch-type smart fingerprint lock.

Since the scratch type requires higher fingerprint operation, fingerprint collection and entry are performed in sections, and the fault tolerance rate is low.

  • Fingerprint unlocking must be a semiconductor fingerprint head.
  • Semiconductor fingerprint recognition only life fingerprints can be recognized.
  • Fingerprint can crack optical fingerprint recognition.

4) Make sure the lock is a true cylinder fingerprint lock

Dummy embedded cylinder: The keyhole is at the bottom, there is no gourd-shaped cylinder hole, and the lock and tenon are separated.

The panel is damaged, the lock core is exposed, and the lock tenon cannot be protected.

Real plug barrel: the keyhole is in the front, there is a gourd-shaped lock barrel hole, the lock barrel penetrates the lock body, the panel is damaged, the lock barrel is still protecting the lock body

There is currently no difference in the degree of security between real ferrules and fake ferrules. These locks have always been anti-gentlemen, but not villains.

Security is for non-professionals. But it must be several levels higher than the traditional security level. This is not a problem.

In addition, smart locks are all c-level (super B-level) locks, which are difficult to open and alarm.

You are worried about being stolen, and the thief is also worried about being caught, so don’t worry too much.

5) Select the virtual password function

The virtual password means that your password is 123456, but you can also unlock it by entering 4312345687.

This feature can prevent someone from tracking your home, and you don’t want others to know your correct password when you enter the password.

Temporary password: As mentioned earlier, it can effectively deal with sudden visitors, cleanup and other situations.

6) Unlocking method

There are two modes of automatic and semi-automatic. Push and pull after unlocking in semi-automatic mode. If there are elderly people at home, it is still recommended to buy a fully automatic fingerprint lock!

7) Choose IC door card fingerprint lock

It is not convenient for the elderly to use fingerprints and passwords at home, so it is very convenient to use the key card.

The best is the encrypted CPU door card. CPU door card cannot be copied; general door card can be copied.

8) After-sales service

Since fingerprint locks have a certain technical content, they generally require professional technicians to install them before they can be used normally.

Customer service may be able to repair them right away, so you should purchase them before they are broken. Related after-sales service ~ generally choose big brands.

  • Test the accuracy of the fingerprint lock

After receiving the fingerprint lock, let the installer enter your fingerprint first, paying attention to the difficulty of fingerprint input.

If you need to repeat multiple times and you cannot enter your fingerprint, this fingerprint lock is definitely not available for purchase!

According to the three points of safety + convenience + stability, we should focus on the following points when choosing a smart lock:

10) Anti-Door audience unlock

Unlocking indoors requires one more step. Otherwise, the following conditions will prevent thieves and children or pets from opening the door.

11) Dry battery models are preferred

Four dry batteries are generally enough for one year, and it is easier to replace new batteries when there is no electricity.

Some rechargeable lithium batteries are of poor quality, high safety risks, and easy to explode.

However, dry battery smart locks are generally semi-automatic, and lithium battery smart locks are generally fully automatic. You have to choose according to your needs.

3. FAQ about how to buy a fingerprint lock

With the approach of the intelligent era, people’s demand for home intelligence is becoming stronger and stronger.

Fingerprint door locks are an important part of smart homes, and their development is becoming more and more popular and aroused widespread attention.

But when buying a fingerprint lock, it can be very tangled.

Should I buy? What to buy? How to buy? Let’s take a look at the top ten questions about buying fingerprint locks.

  • Do you want to buy a fingerprint lock for your home?

Want to miss the era of intelligence? Are you still a primitive man? Now we have entered the era of intelligence.

To keep up with the times, we must first start by locking the door. It is not only the guardian of the family, but also a considerate housekeeper.

You don’t have to worry that others will give you keys. Worried about being opened by a stranger, stretch out your finger! The door opened suddenly with a loud noise.

This is the first step towards the era of wisdom. I can’t miss it anymore!

  • Is the fingerprint lock really convenient?

I don’t need to answer this question. Fingerprint front door lock, convenient and quick.

You don’t have to worry about going home without a key, let alone worrying that your elders will lose the keys, and your friends won’t be able to get in, and you won’t be able to recognize so many keys.

Buy the fingerprint front door lock that suits you best, and go there confidently; “The lock controls everything.” This is inconvenient, so what is convenient?

  • Is the fingerprint lock expensive?

In the digital age, privacy, security, and a simple, happy life are all of supreme importance, and the fingerprint smart lock is one of the key supporters of all of them.

The precious fingerprint smart lock protects and promotes priceless things.

  • Will they still feel expensive?

It is a waste of life to spend more than ten dollars a day on a pack of cigarettes. It takes 20 years to smoke. The fingerprint smart lock only costs a few dollars a day. This is a safe, intelligent and convenient spokesperson.

I believe you won’t feel expensive anymore!

  • I want to buy, but how do I buy a fingerprint lock?

What is the era now, the era of product explosion, fingerprint smart door locks have been developed for more than ten years, where are they not sold?

At present, brand fingerprint smart door locks have specialty stores in first-, second- and third-tier cities, with major brands spreading across the country. Where can I not buy it?

Even if not, there are some cats (Tmall) and dogs (Jingdong). Depending on when you order, you will have them installed within a week, and they are very convenient, since they are well-established.

  • Is it better to buy fingerprint locks online or offline?

Don’t worry about buying fingerprint locks online or offline. It depends on the service. Whoever serves well, you buy it. Of course, it depends on the effect, and I don’t believe in advertising.

No one believes in the 10-year warranty.

It is best to promise to go home for one year.

Here is a trick to teach you, offline near home, online service evaluation, offline near home search fast, online service evaluation low. Please don’t touch it, or you will regret it forever.

  • What type of fingerprint lock should I buy?

Don’t believe the so-called top ten online brands. The effect of soft power and hard power depends on the strength of word of mouth.

Hard power depends on products, and soft power depends on services.

What you get when you buy a fingerprint house lock is this.Products without services are scum. A company that produces the wrong product will not have a good reputation.

  • What kind of fingerprint room lock quality is guaranteed?

Big brands, big brands, big brands, important things must be said three times.

The fingerprint house locks of big brands have been tested for a long time and have also been tested by consumers, and there is nothing wrong with them. How to distinguish big brands?

A few simple points: long-term establishment, national layout, long-term publicity ability, professional installation, classic products on the shelves (more than three years), service commitment to do what you say, this is a big brand.

  • Is the semiconductor better or the optics better?

This is an intricate problem. Semiconductor fingerprint access locks always feel better, and optical access locks are not expensive.

Optics are technically afraid of dryness, and semiconductors are afraid of wetness. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

But the author humbly believes that the semiconductor fingerprint access control is the future development direction, and the optical fingerprint access control module is currently the fingerprint access control module with the longest use.

Choosing a toilet based on its purpose and aesthetics is up to the individual!