Fingerprint Furniture Lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock
  • Ilockey fingerprint furniture locks include fingerprint cabinet locks,  fingerprint cupboard lock, Fingerprint filing cabinet lock, and so on

  • Identify live fingerprints and reject fake fingerprint models. 360 degree recognition fingerprint pressing direction, waterprooffingerprint sensor .

  • Easy to operate, no need for keys, push automatically lock, fingerprint unlock automatically.

  • Stainless steel latch and ABS plastic lock body, durable and anticorrosion.

  • 3 times wrong code or 5 times wrong fingerprint unlocking, automatic alarm.

  • Stable performance, built-in induction coil, external moisture-proof and enviromental protection ABS shell. No problem during normal use for 5 years.

  • Fingerprint cabinet locks are truly convenient and easy for managing while using in commecial areas and private sections.

  • Fingerprint Furniture Lock are widely used in file cabinet, office, furniture, drawer, furniture safe box and so on.

One touch fingerprint Access

Just need “one touch” to wake up the sensor. Your fingerprint is your key.

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Main Features of Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

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Specification of Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Model NoIF915IF920IF921IF922IF928IF933IF978
AccessFingerprint, pincode, Temic CardFingerprint, pincodeFingerprint, pincodeFingerprint, pincodeFingerprintFingerprintFingerprint,
Temic Card
Fingerprint40 pcs20 pcs20 pcs20 pcs20 pcs20 pcs40 pcs
password1-10 digi 1-10 digi 1-10 digi NoNoNo
Static Current≤25uA≤25uA≤25uA≤25uA≤25uA≤25uA≤20uA
Dynamic Current≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA
Working Temperature15°C~55°C0℃~55℃0℃~55℃0℃~55℃0℃~55℃0℃~55℃15°C~55°C
Working HumidityRH20%~95%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~95%
Power supplier4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries
Low Voltage3.7V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V
USB Emergency powerYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Life Time>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times
Door Thickness>9mm>3mm>3mm>3mm>3mm>3mm>11.5mm
  • fingerprint furniture lock
  • fingerprint furniture lock

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