RFID card hotel lock is still one of the mainstream hotel smart locks, which are using by most hotels and apartments as necessary hotel room management locks. While using smart RFID hotel door locks to bring convenience to the hotel, it is a very normal thing that encounters some locks not working. At this time, we need troubleshooting that can quickly find the problem and solve it in time.

From the perspective of an RFID hotel lock manufacturer, here we list common problems, troubleshooting, and solutions for RFID hotel locks.

1. RFID Hotel Lock Structure

First of all, we should have a good understanding of the structure of RFID hotel locks, it can help us to find the problem location and solved it quickly. RFID hotel locks are usually made of lock mortise and lock panels.

  • RFID Hotel Lock Panel

The RFID hotel lock panel is made of a front panel and a rear panel. The front panel includes a mainboard, an external door handle, and a lock cylinder. The rear panel is mainly composed of the inner door handle; a battery pack box and a thumb knob.

The front and rear panels are connected by two shafts inserted in the lock mortise, and then connected by fixing screws at the four corners. After reading the card, you can use the outer handle to open, and the inner door handle can open the door at any time from the inside.

  • RFID Hotel Lock Mortise

The lock mortise is the most important component of RFID hotel locks, which is responsible for the main locking work of the RFID smart lock. The thumb knob of the inner handle controls the deadbolt and the latch bolt bolts are managed by the handles on the front and rear panels. The mainboard is connected with the lock mortise, and the lock mortise is connected with the battery for the power supply.

2. Typical Problems and Its Troubleshooting

Here we just list some typical problems and their troubleshooting for your reference.

2.1 Why the door can be opened without pressing the handle?

The main reason for the problem is that the lock strike is not installed correctly, which causes the latch to fail to pop out. You should adjust the lock strike so that it is in the correct position.

In addition, it is also possible that the lock battery is low. After opening the door, the battery is low to lock it. In this case, you just need to replace the battery.

2.2 All hotel master cards and guest cards are failed to open the door?

There are 3 reasons for this problem happening:

  • The battery is dead or incorrectly installed;
  • The power cable of the lock body is disconnected;
  • The lock is not authorized yet;

To solve this problem, the first step for your troubleshooting should be to check the battery and install new batteries for your hotel locks. Then check the cable between the mainboard and batteries pack, if the cable connection is useless, try to reconnect it. Last, reread the authorization cards.

2.3 The hotel master card can open the door, but the guest card can’t?

Before solving this problem, make sure that your room number is right and the card is not expired. You can check the RFID hotel lock according to the following steps:

  • When the buzzer “di”, “di”, “di” three times and the motor does not sound, it is caused by the wrong setting of the room card number;
  • When the buzzer beeps but the motor has no sound, it is caused by the inconsistency between the lock time and the computer time;

If it is the wrong setting for the room number, you just need to reset the room card to make the number correct. Similarly, you can reset the time on your computer and then go to reread the room card.

2.4 Neither master card and guest card can open the door, and the latch bolt doesn’t pop out.

When opening the door, if the indicator light is off, the motor does not sound, and the door does not open with two “beep” sounds; it means that the latch bolt of the lock mortise is damaged, you need to replace the lock mortise.

2.5 Neither master card and guest card can open the door, the indicator light is on, the motor sounds, but the handle is idling.

There are three reasons for this problem happening. First, check the positioning point on the exterior door handle, whether it is not aligned with the positioning arrow on the lock mortise. If it is, align and fix two points.

Secondly, check the spindle of the handle, whether it is put into the square hole of the door handle or not. For this reason, you need to reinstall the handle spindle.

Last, it probably because there is no spring in the door handle square hole, the spindle is retracted into the door handle square hole; You need to reinstall the handle spring to solve this problem.

2.6 The handle is failed to return automatically

If your handle is failed to return automatically, it mainly caused by three reasons.

First, the door opening is skewed or too small, and the lock mortise is twisted after the panel is installed, it makes the handle shaft can’t be moved smoothly. You should make your door opening correct to fix this problem.

Secondly, it is because the handle shaft hole is too small. When turning the handle, the screw will touch the door leaf. In this case, you need to enlarge the handle shaft hole.

Last, your panel installation is skewed, which makes the handle square rod is always under force. To solve this problem, you can adjust the position of the panel.

2.7 The lock alarms after closing the door, the red light will flash for a while after parking for 30 seconds

For this problem, your troubleshooting will include three steps. First, check the handle hole, whether it is too small so that the handle is blocked and cannot return automatically; It can be fixed by expanding the handle hole.

Secondly, the position of the door frame gusset plate is not installed correctly, it will prevent the slanted tongue from stretching. This problem can be solved by adjusting the position of the buckle box cover, we usually move inward to the centerline of the wall.

Last, it may be that the door opening is too small, or there is a foreign object on the sidewall. It makes the slanting tongue cannot be extended. You need to expand the door opening or clean up foreign objects.

2.8 After opening the door, the red light keeps flashing, and alarms

Generally, this problem is mainly because the battery voltage is too low, which means that you need to replace the battery.

2.9 The door is heavy and it is not easy to close the door

If the gap between the door frame and the door is too small, the door will be too heavy when opening and closing. You can adjust the gap between the bolt panel and the door frame patch, and keep the gap within 3-5MM.

3.0 When sensing the RFID card, the lock has no sound, no light, no motor action

Before you start your troubleshooting, make sure that the battery has been installed in the hotel lock. Then check the connection line, make sure the contractor is under-connected correctly. Last, it is also because the sensing panel is damaged, in this case, you need to replace the induction panel when handling.

3.1 When swiping the RFID card, it shows the green light, and the sound of the motor is sensed, but the door cannot be opened

This failure is often caused by a wrong connection of the iron bar or the hotel lock cylinder has been damaged. You need to open the lock panel and check the details. If it is the cylinder is damaged, then replace it. If it is a wrong connection, try to reconnect it.

3. Conclusion

Although we don’t need to do this work by ourselves, it is useful to have a basic knowledge of lock troubleshooting, at least we will know when the RDIF hotel locks go wrong and need to be repaired.