At present, the fingerprint door lock is still one of the most popular smart locks to replace the traditional mechanical lock. You may feel confused when choosing a fingerprint smart lock because there are two types of fingerprint smart locks, optical fingerprint lock, and semiconductor fingerprint lock. Which one is the best option for me? What’s the difference between these two fingerprint door locks?

Here is the ilockey fingerprint door lock catalog, you can download and have a quick view.

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1. Optical Fingerprint Smart Lock

Optical fingerprint head is also called an optical fingerprint sensor, or optical fingerprint readers. It uses light refraction and light reflection to make your fingerprint has different light shades. These light shades can be processed by the optical fingerprint acquisition equipment to the multi-gray fingerprint image.

The advantages of Optical fingerprint smart lock

  • Lower cost

The optical fingerprint acquisition technology is the oldest and most widely used fingerprint acquisition technology. The optical fingerprint acquisition equipment was started in 1971. With several decades’ development, the optical fingerprint head technology has been very mature, it can be modular mass production. Now the materials are much cheaper than semiconductor fingerprint heads, it directly makes the optical fingerprint locks cheaper than semiconductor fingerprint locks.

  • Stronger Environmental Adaptability

The optical fingerprint head acquisition window is made of tempered glass, which can resist pressure, wear, and corrosion, it can adapt to the temperature and humidity of the working environment well.

Besides, the surface of the glass is easy to clean, which can be used in the daily living environment, but also can be used in special environments such as humidity, high temperature, and dust environment.

  • Good Stability

Optical fingerprint technology was born earlier, it has experienced the long-term test of the market, coupled with the adaptive ability of optical fingerprint head to the environment, so the using stability is better, the theoretical life is longer.

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The disadvantages of optical fingerprint smart lock

  • Poor Anti-counterfeiting Performance

The optical fingerprint head is hard to distinguish the authenticity of fingerprint, so it’s difficult to prevent disturbing tools, such as fingerprint film, dummy fingers.

  • The Low Identification Accuracy

The depth, temperature, dry/wet of the fingerprint will affect the recognition accuracy of the optical fingerprint head. Once the fingerprint is damaged, such as hurt, soak, the fingerprint smart lock is often not working.

  • High power consumption

The optical fingerprint lock needs to emit strong light in the identification, so it has a higher power consumption, in general, you need to change the battery every half a year.

  • Bigger size

The optical fingerprint lock needs enough space for light refraction, so the lock often has a bigger size than the semiconductor fingerprint lock.

In a word, the optical fingerprint lock is the most cost-effective fingerprint smart door lock. It has a lower price and more mature technology, if you don’t care about its bigger size appearance, it would be an excellent lock solution for your home.


2. Semiconductor Fingerprint Lock

The semiconductor fingerprint lock is also called a biometric door lock, it uses a capacitive array to collect the distance between the fingerprint ridge and valley and make it to the fingerprint data.

The advantages of semiconductor fingerprint smart lock

  • High Security

The semiconductor fingerprint lock only identifies living fingerprints, so it has higher security. It can distinguish the authenticity of the fingerprint, prevent the fingerprint membrane, dummy fingers.

  • High Identification Accuracy

Compared with the optical fingerprint head, the semiconductor fingerprint head can collect more fine details of the fingerprint, and the recognition speed is also faster.

  • Small Size

The semiconductor is a capacitor, so it has a smaller appearance, the fingerprint lock is easy to set into various shapes.

  • Low power consumption

The standby time of the semiconductor fingerprint lock is generally more than one year.

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The disadvantages of semiconductor fingerprint smart lock


  • Higher Price

The cost of each part of the semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is higher than that of the optical fingerprint, so the price is more expensive than the optical fingerprint.

  • Not Easy to Maintain

The collection window of the semiconductor fingerprint head is easy to be affected by stain and sweat stain and is easy to be worn. Besides, the static is also a big factor to damage the semiconductor fingerprint lock.

In a word, the semiconductor fingerprint smart lock is the safest fingerprint smart lock.

A number of quality tests have been conducted on ilockey smart fingerprint locks, such as 96 hours salt spray test, RCA paper tape wear test, it can not only improve the durability but also ensures the use stability of the smart lock in a variety of environments.