To all friends who love to travel, their desire to travel, their business trips, or their love of luxury experience! Here we provide a comprehensive list of the 100 best hotels in the world. This list is based on second-hand surveys, hotel ratings, facilities, properties, brand value, location and style! So here you are!

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1. Capella Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

Featuring gorgeous luxury tents, Capella Ubud is located between super-luxury resorts and tent camps that will remind you of East Africa. Although it advertises itself as a luxury tented camp, it offers many typical luxury resort experiences. Since its opening in the summer of 2018, the Capella Ubud Hotel has quickly become one of Bali’s unique resort hotels.

Capella Ubud offers stunning lush forests and scenic vistas. 23 luxury tents spread along the hillside. All tents have a bedroom except for a two-bedroom tent called the “hut.”

2. Mardan Palace, Turkey

A luxurious and huge luxury hotel located in Laura, Antalya, Mardan Palace is touted as the most expensive luxury resort in Europe. The property is worth about 1.4 billion US dollars, has more than 560 rooms and a series of exquisite facilities, including a 12,000 square foot spa, 4 aquariums, and a 5-acre swimming pool.

The resort also has an iconic beach with sand imported from Egypt. This hotel is an ideal choice for travellers who taste luxury and comfort. Velvet-lined furniture, charming floors, and stunning marble bathroom interiors, if you don’t believe in screaming wealthy.

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel

The sailing-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel is located on a man-made island and is often referred to as the world’s first 7-star hotel. Only hotel guests and those who have made a reservation in the hotel restaurant can enter. Due to its frantic pursuit of luxury, Arad Tower has won one after another honour, including the “Daily Telegraph” ULTRA award, the world’s best hotel and “Forbes Travel Guide” five-star hotel.

A British journalist said that the film was “more exciting than any film she has ever seen” and therefore deserves a seven-star rating.

4. Hotel San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Located in Zona Centro Histórico, home of the historical landmark in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Hotel Amparo is an elegant hotel that combines colonial Spanish influence and contemporary aesthetics.

It is located between Soledad Square and Mercado de Artesanías and other local attractions. The hotel offers 5 individually designed suites and private bathrooms. The blend of history and modernity soaked in luxury ensures that your stay here will be memorable and revelatory.

5. Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa-Conca dei Marini, Italy

The Convento Santa Rosa Hotel was built in a 17th-century convent. It has 20 rooms and a terraced garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is ideally located 1 km from the beach and 8 km from the gardens of Villa Rufolo. This is a perfect palace to retreat and relax.

It has a Michelin star cafe, Il Refettorio, where you can enjoy their rich wine and cheese from the terrace with sea views. Facilities include terrace garden, spa, hydrotherapy pool, spa, library and bar.

6. Hôtel 71-Québec Canadian cities

Hôtel 71 is a hotel located in the heart of the old port of Quebec, in the former building of the National Bank of Canada.

It is adjacent to the Civilization Museum and features 40 contemporary rooms that have lost any colonial disguise. Limestone walls and walnut ceilings adorn the hall. From some rooms, you can enjoy a magnificent view of St. Lawrence and the port through the spacious windows. Each room is equipped with modern facilities such as Wifi and entertainment system.

7. Inkaterra Manor Urubamba

Inkaterra Urubamba is a large estate situated in the lush sacred valley between Cusco and Machu Picchu in the Andes. It is located among the breathtaking ruins of the Inca Empire.

The hotel is built on manor-style architecture inspired by local and colonial traditions. The open valley and peaceful forest can be seen from the room. The interior is decorated with authentic Inca masks and handicrafts, as well as colonial furniture.

8. Knysna, over the Hills

Located on the cliff edge of Knysna, also known as Tou, Tou over Hills is a five-star hotel that offers luxurious accommodation and a unique location, suitable for any occasion. Popular among honeymooners and nature lovers, the hotel provides a scenic backdrop directly from the movie.

This hotel is famous for its view of Knysna Heads along the Indian Ocean. Over the years, it has won many praises for its prestigious location and luxurious services. Including the Hout Grand Hotel in South Africa’s prime location hotel and the best view and best relaxing hotel awards. Watching whales and dolphins is one of the many recreational activities here.

9. The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, Indonesia

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxury resort in Nusa Dua, offering accommodation in all suites and all villas. The hotel makes full use of its prime location to ensure an unforgettable experience for every type of guest.

Private swimming pool, private beach and fitness centre are some of the facilities available. The hotel also has a glass-enclosed wedding chapel that provides a spectacular sea view.

10. Sunset Lodge in Key West, Florida

Sunset Key cottage is built on a 27-acre private island, a seaside resort near Key West, Florida. This resort offers island life unlike any other place in the world. Accommodation is in the form of Key West style villas, ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms. Palm trees and calm water surround the island. Facilities include a spa, a poolside bar, and a free boat ride to Key West.

11. Hotels in Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Fogo Island Hotel is located on North Fogo Island, known as one of the four corners of the earth. It is an ultra-modern luxury hotel built on jagged rocks on the island. It has 29 individually designed contemporary suites with hand-made feather pens and wide windows with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The hotel follows the principles of sustainability, respects nature, and appreciates culture by using locally sourced materials and food. Its goal is to create a sustainable future for the Fogo Islands by maintaining the status of the Fogo Islands as a community asset and using its operating surplus for this cause.

12. Waldorf Astoria Maldives

The Waldorf Astoria Maldives is situated in the Laccadive Sea, surrounded by sparkling blue waters. This wealthy resort is known for its outstanding accommodation services.

The resort is packed with 11 restaurants and bars, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and an exquisite spa. Their rustic thatched-roofed villas are perfectly matched with a huge infinity pool, allowing guests to be attracted by their beauty. The Waldorf Astoria team also provides seaplanes and yachts to visit their guests.

13. El Fenn in Marrakech, Morocco

Want to experience the hospitality of Moroccans? That Elfin Marrakech is your best choice. This boutique hotel has 2 cocktail bars, a huge 7,000 square foot roof, shops, and a spa. It also has 31 individually designed suites and rooms, which means that no two rooms have the same style and décor.

Each room is equipped with a relaxing oversized bathtub, soft cotton bedding, and more! One can relax and relax in a room with vibrant paint or luxurious decoration. Few rooms have hand-stitched camel leather floors. The hotel presents the best fusion of Morocco’s iconic design and medieval European furniture.

14. Paradise in Atlantis, Bahamas

Atlantis resort hotels are spread all over the tropical paradise islands and are famous for their unique location. They make sure you get the best top-notch accommodation and entertainment services in the lush forest.

They also have a golf course, casino, white sand beach, 11 swimming pools and several restaurants. They also have a water park, a water adventure with multiple water slides, a Mayan-themed water play area, and more! Another highlight of Atlantis is its open-air marine habitat, which is the largest in the world. It is home to all kinds of sea creatures.

15. Rondo Lozzi Island, Sabie Islands, South Africa

In the embrace of nature, Rondolos is surrounded by the jungle of the Great Kruger National Park. Showcasing the lush green of Sabisha Wildlife Sanctuary, it is strategically placed on the bank of the Shahe River. It is also one of the most luxurious private wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Guests can enjoy long trips and luxurious holiday services.

They can also enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Sabie Sands and the animals living in the area. The pristine and well-equipped accommodation services in Lundolozi will surely make your trip more memorable!

16. Angamamara in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya

Enjoy a Kenyan-style welcome at the Angama Mara Resort! Overlooking the majestic Great Rift Valley, the resort allows guests to have a broad view covering the horizon of the Masai Mara region.

From the hotel, you can see the amazing scenery, which also explains why it is named after the Swahili language, which means “suspended in mid-air”. Angama Mara has 2 prison camps and 15 tent suites for guests. They also own a private airport and provide Safari services to nearby land.

17.  Jodhpur-Jodhpur, India

Experience the vitality and ethnicity of Indian culture at RAAS in Jodhpur. This stunning hotel is designed as a perfect combination of modern facilities and traditional architecture.

The well-manicured lawn is definitely a good place to relax and enjoy the weather. The hotel has 4 original buildings and 3 modern buildings with a complete overall appearance. The old building is based on the classic red sandstone, and the contemporary building adds a touch of freshness to the resort.

Each one is decorated with exquisite Haveli-style carvings from the 18th century. RAAS also has a large swimming pool for guests to relax. They also provide staff dormitories and guardhouse services. The famous Mehrangarh Fort can be easily seen from the hotel.

18. The Archer Hotels in Austin, Texas

Archer Hotel is located in the bustling neighbourhood of Domain Northside, offering first-class accommodation and warm service. If you want to experience the real Austin, this will be the best hotel for vacation.

This magnificent hotel was built to keep Austin’s creative soul in its heart. It also showcases Texas-style rustic limestone and wildflower accents. The Archer Hotel has a large number of suites and rooms for their guests to choose from, as well as a second bar and kitchen, served with a touch of the south.

19. UAE Royal Palace, Abu Dhabi

The UAE Royal Palace is a royal and luxurious accommodation option for vacationers. Staying here, you can enjoy their own private beaches, piers, and stunning views of natural bays. Defining perfection and luxury at its best, this hotel has an amazing Arabian interior.

14 large restaurants provide different cuisines, supplemented by five-star services and facilities. Its strategic location is close to Heritage Village, Marina Shopping Mall, and various other cultural facilities.

20. New York Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel, which opened on October 1, 1907, has always been a popular attraction for tourists in New York. This royal hotel has been welcoming guests from all over the world for more than 100 years.

Many celebrities, leaders, Broadway legends and celebrities have chosen to stay in New York. Its unique location is close to another popular tourist attraction, Central Park, making it a better choice for many people!

21. Westin strives for excellence, Rome

The Westin Excelsior is located on Via Veneto, one of the most expensive streets in Rome, and has become a holiday destination for many tourists. This iconic hotel is located between the Borghese gardens and galleries and the Spanish Steps.

It is a five-star hotel with 281 rooms and 35 independent signature suites. Dome villas are the most popular choice among tourists. It aims to provide guests with the best comfort and leisure, as many people say, this is the real Royal Roman treatment!

22. Cotton House Hotel, Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain

The beautiful Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona was originally the headquarters of the Cotton House Manufacturers Organization. Its historical appeal and importance make it a landmark destination in the region. The Cotton House also has multiple magnificent stairs, connecting the grandeur of its past.

The hotel has 5 luxurious suites and 83 rooms. Its rustic charm and modern appeal will surely make your stay worthwhile.

23. Palms, Las Vegas

The Palms Casino Resort is the first choice for Las Vegas tourists, from fine dining to complete entertainment services. After an expensive renovation costing approximately US$690 million, the hotel brings additional fun and leisure services to guests. They also have multiple award-winning restaurants and entertainment venues to complete their warm service.

24. Limewood from the New Forest in Hampshire, UK

Tourists who want to enjoy British hospitality should visit Lime Wood in the New Forest National Park. This country inn built in the 13th century was originally a hunting lodge.

It is a short drive from Lyndhurst, a lively village and the administrative capital of the New Forest. Over the years, it has become a fashion among foragers and gourmets visiting the New Forest. Their relaxing spa services and open gardens will help you spend a relaxing holiday in this area.

The hotel has 14 rooms and 15 suites for tourists to stay. Inside the building, people can relax by the campfire and listen to the faint crackling sound. It is also famous for its unique geographical location, as the New Forest is one of the largest unenclosed pastures. Guests can watch the local cows and horses grazing along with the land up close.

25. Ett Hem, Stockholm, Sweden

Ett Hem Hotel is known for providing the best Nordic accommodation services. The name means “home” in Swedish, and they make sure you feel at home throughout your stay. The hotel was built in 1910 and has more than a century of experience in providing the best services.

Their parquet-floored living room and contemporary Scandinavian furniture complete the perfect look! Ett Hem is also known for its unique cooking and dining facilities. Train chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants, and you will love their classic seasonal cuisine.

26. Hotels in Cape Eden Roque, Cape Antibes, Côte d’Azur, France

Showcasing the retro style of 19th-century architecture, the hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc redefines complexity and grandeur. The hotel has 117 rooms and 2 spacious villas, each with luxurious Louis XV and XVI furniture. It also has the Eden-Roc Restaurant, a refurbished paradise that offers classic contemporary cuisine.

Be sure to check out their customer favourites-tarragon and sea bass lobster. You can rest in the Provençal-style gambas in the pavilion. The hotel also has an amazing seaside bay, saltwater swimming pool, tennis court, spa, and more!

It is known for providing the best country club services. Guests can reach this hotel by boat via their private jetty. You can also use their airships and diving boards to enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

27. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, Hungary

Gresham Palace is famous for its quality service. Initially, this hotel was a meeting place for the upper class of Budapest society. The Gresham Life Assurance Society, based in London, also uses this method. In 2004, the hotel underwent a 100 million euro renovation, which brought it back to life! Four Seasons Hotel is decorated with cast iron peacock doors and individual tiles.

In the case of providing panoramic views of the chain bridge, Four Seasons Hotel received 10 points/ 10 points. Its eye-catching lobby is designed to impress every guest, walk through the door and join Kollázs Brasserie & Bar.

28. Santorini, Greece

Canaves Oia Epitome is located in the northern part of Oia and is known for offering a wide and eye-catching view of the town of Amoudi. The hotel provides guests with a full range of leisure and entertainment services.

Some of these include their breakfast restaurant, the main infinity pool next to the private cabana, and a sunset bar-restaurant. They also have a beautiful sun terrace and private beach for guests to enjoy the sea view. Their accommodation services include suites and villas, well-equipped and well-designed. These places have their own swimming pools or private swimming pools.

29. Secret Bay of Portsmouth, Dominica

Enjoy a complete tropical rainforest experience at Secret Bay Resort. Providing all-villa accommodation services, it is the best choice for friends and family. Each one has its own diving pool. Guests can use guided tours, on-call concierge services, and chef services. After resting, you can also stroll on the mysterious beach!

30. Raffles Istanbul

This place is located in one of the best cities in Istanbul, Bosphorus. To appreciate the tranquil beauty and traditional architecture of the Bosphorus, it is the best choice. You can live in the high street fashion, art and charming scenery of Zorlu Center.

This classic city has a beauty that never fades, providing a wonderful time to spend and create memories. Enduring food and hospitality add multiple enthusiasm to any travel.

31. Seixo, Compota, Portugal

Built-in the tranquil beauty of the Torres Vedras region, this hotel vows to provide its guests with a bold and unforgettable trip. This place offers a full range of services and hospitality, providing its guests with an excellent experience.

Facilities such as 24-hour front desk, wheelchair accessible, Wi-Fi access, parking lot, room service, etc., attract guests. Every room in the hotel is elegantly designed to provide warmth for the guests. They also provide convenience and refreshments with various facilities so that you can have a perfect trip.

32. Awasi Patagonia in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Here you can admire the stunning Torres de Paine Mountains and Samiento Lake, as well as the Patagonian grasslands. This hotel is located in a private reserve leading to the Torres del Paine National Park. They provide a leading cottage and 14 other villas.

They are known for their hospitality and comfort. They appointed a personal guide and four-wheel-drive vehicle for each villa to facilitate guests to explore the place at their own will and pace. It is also known as Le Les Chadeau, the southernmost hotel in the world.

33. Belmond Jimbaran Puri (Bali, Indonesia)

This fascinating place is built on the beach in Indonesia, opening the door, the most motive and hypnotic scenery. The charm and hospitality of this hotel are well known. The fragrance of frangipani can calm you down from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The delicious smell of grilled fish at night will make you drool. The coast promises to provide a calm and tranquil view to relax your mind, and they also provide massages to relax your physiology.

34. Singhta Kruger National Park, South Africa

This national park aims to follow the principles of sustainable development by balancing tourism and ecological protection. They awarded two outstanding cabins, Singita Lebombo and Sweni.

Both cottages are located on the southeastern edge of Kruger National Park, and Kruger National Park itself borders Mozambique and South Africa. Here, you can enjoy the primitive lifestyle far away from city life, while exploring the charming wilderness of this 33,000-acre national park.

35. Katikies Santorini (Greece)

This place is located on the charming island of Santorini in Oia. This luxurious hotel offers world-class service, hospitality and warmth. Nature and tranquil scenery add to its beauty. Every room in this luxurious hotel is designed to provide the best comfort and create precious memories. Elegance and class, this hotel sets the benchmark for luxury travel to new heights.

36. Amangani, Jackson

Built in one of the most inviting locations, this hotel is the perfect choice for any tree-lovers. It provides an adventurous outdoor experience on the long green stretch of the western border of the United States. It is only a short distance from the mountain resort of Jackson Hole.

Each room offers a hypnotic view, and from their balcony, their guests can cherish it for life. Various activities, such as relaxing spa, horse riding, fly fishing, outdoor infinity swimming pool, etc., attract guests to enjoy their travel.

37. Armani Dubai Hotel

The epitome of luxury, this hotel offers an unforgettable experience. With its famous and rewarding dining and delicacies, it increases the appetite of the guests. The luxurious spa and first-class Armani hospitality set the standard of the hotel to a very high standard. The special suites of this luxury hotel have special interiors, giving guests a glimpse of Giorgio Armani’s taste.

38. Bangkok Vegetarian

This outstanding place is located in a 6-acre garden in the main business district of Bangkok. Its name comes from the former capital of Thailand. Just a few miles from the light rail station and the main central pier, this hotel has a huge inviting garden and a blue expansive swimming pool. Due to its superior location, it provides a convenient route for visiting the main attractions of the city, such as Siam and Ratchaprasong.

39. Bali, Indonesia

Built on the coast of Nusa Dua, this resort is the best blend of luxury and warmth. White sand and blue waves rise from the ocean, forming some of the most peaceful places. TripAdvisor and Conde Nast Traveler have included this resort on the list of the best luxury resorts in Bali, Nusa Dua and Asia. They include 526 suites with stunning architecture and huge balconies overlooking the most charming white sandy beaches.

40. Oyster Box at Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Located by the sea, this hotel offers the most amazing view of the Umhlanga coastline in the KwaZulu-Natal region. It is one of the most famous hotels in South Africa. It is a benchmark for its strategic location and hospitality. Every room and suite is designed luxuriously and elegantly. King Shaka International Airport is only 15 minutes away.

41. Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand

A trip to Anantara Chiang Mai Resort is ideal for those looking to experience beauty and adventure together. It provides the perfect combination of luxury and calm. This resort is located on the bank of the Taiping River. There are many ancient temples in this city. You can witness culture, faith and beauty in one place. The mountains of the Lanna traditional tribes along the artisan villages ensure a lifetime trip.

42. Zurich Baur Aulac

This hotel overlooks the enchanting Lake Zurich and has one of the most fascinating views of the Alps. This hotel is built in the centre of Zurich. This five-star hotel has a long history and heritage. Baur aulac service is one of its characteristic facilities. In the lush green environment, the hotel presents a beautiful view for tourists.

43. Jamaica Hotel, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

It is located in a national park, where you can enjoy wealth and wilderness together. This place is known for its hospitality and refinement. The resort is only 700 meters away from the rich Coconut Grove Shopping Village.

It is only 5 km from Mahogany Beach and Turtle River Park. To relieve your shoulders from the burden of living in the metropolis, this place offers magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea and their private Jamaican beaches.

44. Oberai, Mumbai

Located in one of the best cities in India, this hotel is a perfect fusion of ancient architecture and modern sophistication as well as a retro royal atmosphere.

The location of this hotel is only a few miles away from Ocean Drive, living on the shoreline with the most soul-shocking sea views and beautiful Queen’s Necklace lights. This is a five-star hotel with the best cuisine and special care for female travellers, giving them a safe and amazing experience.

45. The St. Regis Florence

Since the 19th century, this beautiful resort has been the choice of many globetrotters. Located in Florence’s centre, it is easy to find. Just a few steps away, it stands an ancient landmark that symbolizes the Renaissance. This hotel provides a perfect dark academic atmosphere with the core of the villa with its amazing architecture and lush colours. The noble décor, like a huge bright crystal chandelier, adds to the legacy.

46. Rila Palace, Udaipur, India

This traditional hotel is built near Lake Pichola. The huge Aravali Mountains surround it. There is a royal atmosphere and sophistication, as well as the warmth of Indian culture, providing world-class hospitality. From this five-star hotel, you can admire traditional architecture and art. Romantic cruises and folk songs make this night especially charming.

47. Manoir Howe, North Hartley, Quebec

Experts describe it as “a typical Anglo-Saxon resort”, calling it “Qubee living art, hedonic hymn, playing with nature, local products and joy”. This five-star hotel is located on the shoreline of Lake Massavipi. Only minutes away from North Hartley, it offers the most charming and beautiful scenic location in Quebec.

48. Places of Belmond Charleston

Experience the best warm southern hospitality in this typical southern hotel. Located in the historic downtown of Charleston, South Carolina, Belmond Charleston Square is famous for its Southern-style decoration and the beloved Charleston Grill, which offers a variety of cuisines to suit any taste.

It offers a variety of accommodation options, including suites and clubs. There is an infinity swimming pool on the roof deck, a business centre, spa and fitness centre are some of the facilities.

49. Deer Road Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois

Built in the style of Tudor Manor on Chicago’s North Shore, Deer Road Inn, will take you back in time and experience the polite tradition of British Inn.

Take the opportunity to live like a 15th-century British monarch while you relax in the noise of the stone fireplace and contented afternoon tea. Plan a perfect wedding in the English Garden, or stroll through history in its corridors, while heading to the bar and its exquisite bar fare options.

50. Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur, India

Warm and sincere hospitality are the hallmarks of Obio La Villa Hotel. The five-star hotel is dotted with mashaal torches in keeping with the heritage of Indian royalty. Accommodation options include sophisticated rooms and luxury tents with royal twists.

Indulge in authentic Rajasthani cuisine and enjoy a romantic evening with a specially curated couple experience-the ideal destination for a luxurious holiday in the king’s city.

51. Badrut Palace Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland

The hotel is located in the centre of St. Moritz. Built in 1896, this hotel has always been the definition of grandeur. The resplendent Buckingham Palace invited outstanding figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin. The luxury hotel has a spa, which is called Palace Wellness.

This hotel invites high-profile tourists not only to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the area but also to provide first-class services. Guests enjoy personalized butler service. The palace’s services provide a space to appreciate its grandeur.

52. Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco

This hotel is worthy of its name and radiates a world-class royal courtesy to its guests. Enter the secret lair of this beautiful building and green garden and challenge the hotel’s standards of excellence. This luxurious hotel in Marrakech occupies the traditional stage of the Medina and gives its guests the pleasure of walking and feeling the atmosphere of the location.

The rooms are unique in design, luxurious interiors, and the corridors are decorated with winding alleys. The hotel was established to provide the concept of Moroccan life. The facilities of Royal Mansour provide the power to awaken the senses and relax with the services they provide.

53. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is famous for its top private luxury islands with top food and adventure activities. Sir Richard Branson purchased it for the first time in 1978. It is a 74-acre island surrounded by beautiful waters. Necker is a vacation ticket to a party with family and friends.

It is very special to celebrate Christmas on an exotic island. The houses in Neker are Balinese style, with refreshing linens and charming rooms overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The island has a large open-air house, a luxurious space of 15 rooms, and a view of the deep green waters surrounding it.

54. Hotel Cafe Royal, London

This 150-year-old luxury hotel is located in the trembling heart of London. It is located in the southwestern part of Mayfair and the southern part of Soho. The institution is in the elegant and sophisticated Mayfair and Soho. London is famous for its rich culture and fashion space.

We have to learn history, understand tradition, and praise business. The hotel is located in a space where guests have the opportunity to enjoy everything. The Royal Cafe is located near the main attractions of London, such as the theatre and Buckingham Palace. This position is more attractive for tourists to book a night in a luxury hotel.

55. C Lazy U Ranch, Granby, Colorado

Colorado is a must-visit place for any tourist who wants to spend quality time with their loved ones. No matter how single or lonely you are, a trip to Colorado will definitely make your relationship closer. C lazy provides the best space to do it.

This five-star hotel is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It provides high-end facilities and family experiences to help people enjoy their loved ones and create memories worthy of a lifetime. The hotel offers facilities such as gourmet food, daily trail rides, and several outdoor activities.

56. Explore the Sacred Valley, Sacred Valley, Peru

The hotel is the perfect place to enjoy country life and dialogue with nature. The hotel is located in the village of Urquillos near the oldest corn plantation in the area. It is located in a space overlooking the plantation and mountains.

People still harvest crops on the plantation, which gives visitors a glimpse of the rural life of local residents. The concept of the hotel is to connect with the mystery of nature and use it as a base to connect people with the surrounding time and space.

57. La Residence Franschhoek, South Africa

A beautiful Shiraz vineyard, olive grove, and pine tree orchard surround this hotel. La Residence offers the most beautiful scenery around. This hotel overlooks the countryside, making the accommodation here more rustic than ever.

Adding a twist to the interior of the hotel, gorgeous Indian chandeliers decorate the ceiling, art and mirror work on the walls, and Liz Biden’s furniture is colourful and magnificent in style. The fragrance created by elegant and exotic flowers feels the whole body. The exquisite and personalized service provided to the guests makes the guest experience different degrees of satisfaction.

58. Silo, Cape Town, South Africa

Silo Hotel is synonymous with luxury five-star hotels in the hotel industry. The hotel towers above the V&A waterfront and the natural beauty of South Africa’s mother city. The structure of this hotel is unique in nature. It was built in the grain elevator section of the historic granary complex.

The hotel is located above the great Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in Africa (MOCAA), which has the largest collection of contemporary art in the country. The building is an enviable landscape because the geometric patterned exterior adds a sparkling diamond charm. At night, the building resembles a luminous lighthouse in the harbour of Table Bay. The exterior built by Heatherwick Studio is magical enough to attract tourists strolling on the small streets of the city.

59. Rabbit Hill Inn, Waterford, Vermont

If you are looking for an affordable place to enjoy the luxurious services provided by upscale hotels, then Rabbit Hill Hotel is the perfect place for you. This is a 19-room bed luxury facility, famous for its relaxed atmosphere for its guests.

This New England resort is perfect for young couples, adults, and family celebrations. The accommodation has private bathrooms, luxurious double whirlpools, and an oversized spa. The accommodation is full of decorations, including traditional, rustic, and transitional. The hotel overlooks the Baishan Mountain, making the accommodation more special and connected with nature.

60. At Blue Sky Lodge, Oberch Resort Collection, Park City, Utah

The hotel is a perfect combination of western facilities and a natural environment. Located in the blue sky, the Oberch Resort Collection, this cottage gives guests contemporary luxury with all the high-end facilities. On a 3,500-acre ranch near Park City. The cottage provides the best outdoor playground, giving guests the opportunity to experience entertainment.

61. Shanghai Peninsula

This hotel is built on the iconic Shanghai Bund. Opened in 2009, this luxurious hotel combines art and decoration, making it a perfect sight for tourists. In addition to high-end facilities, the hotel also has two Michelin-starred restaurants to satisfy customers’ taste buds. The Peninsula Shanghai is the guiding light for luxury hotels in the industry.

62. Cala de Mar Resort and Ixtapa, Mexico

This hotel is definitely the epitome of maintaining leisure and highly managed privacy concerns. Cala de Mar is located in one of the most exotic and romantic locations. It provides customers with a unique architectural taste. High-standard rooms and personal swimming pools are properly located, so they can relax in the water and release their stress.

The hotel is located between the Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the trees and the coolness of the surrounding water.

63. Ram Bagh Palace, Jaipur, India

Ram Bagh Palace, built in 1835, is a palace exuding a royal atmosphere and grandeur. This place has been in a transitional stage, and the royal family took over as their residence. This is the home of Prince Sawai Man Singh II and his Queen Gayatri Devi.

Today, 78 luxurious rooms are being restored to match the facilities of a high-end five-star hotel. The palace still retains the heritage of the royal family because it has traditional interior decoration, similar to the accessories of this place for decades. You can see its splendor through the hand-carved marble “Jalis”, monuments, elaborate Mughal gardens and sandstone railings.

64. The Mark, New York City

New York is the centre of attention of many tourists because its culture and wonderful attractions such as Carlisle and Gagosian Gallery have always attracted people’s attention. In addition to these towering, elegant and beautiful buildings, it seems easy to overlook everything else, but in this city, Mark is not an invisible place.

The hotel is uniquely designed to match the urban space and exude a similar atmosphere. This famous hotel prides itself on providing its guests with unparalleled services, such as the turn-down service in the room facilities. It is designed to cater to the anticipated fun and desperately needed comfort of guests. A lush life is reflected in the well-appointed rooms.

65. Amarvilas, Agra, India

Speaking of Agra, it is difficult to see anything other than the Taj Mahal. It is the epitome of love and dedication. Built in Valentine’s Day’s eternal city, The Oberoi Amarvilas offers guests many opportunities to reignite the romance.

The Mughal-style architecture of the villa has exquisite accommodations and provides guests with world-class services. The villa provides a view of the Taj Mahal from all the rooms so that guests can see the magnificent facilities and soak in the history of its dedication.

The hospitality of the villa is unparalleled, it provides guests with traditional and Western personalized service options. They provide international cuisine and spa treatments to refresh guests from any feelings of restlessness. The terraced lawn and swimming pool make the villa more beautiful. A stay in Amarvilas can elevate the experience of Agra to a completely different level.

66. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

There is no hotel in the world like this one. The Mandarin Hotel is the first flagship hotel in the city. Its decoration is stylish and exquisite, matching the high-end cities in Asia. The hotel is located in the city centre and offers exquisite services and architecture, which is amazing. Overlooking Victoria Harbour, the hotel is the perfect start to explore the most picturesque city in Asia.

67. Fantasy Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The hotel is located on the top floor of the landmark Times Square building in District 1, and has a great location. This luxurious hotel made its debut and became the most eye-catching and single member of the top hotels in Vietnam.

The interior design of this hotel is very Italian and luxurious. To give a feeling of touching the west, the hotel provides a fantasy sky-high fantasy Saigon, providing an unparalleled view of the city. The service is complex and personalized, keeping in mind the comfort of the customer. With world-class hospitality, its guests’ stay in Vietnam has always been unforgettable.

68. Nayara Gardens, Arenal Volcano, National Park, Costa Rica

Located in the middle of the lush green tropical forest, Nayara Garden provides the perfect accommodation for the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. The hotel is a five-star luxury facility that combines luxury and tranquillity.

The hotel has 50 spacious rooms so that guests will not feel restrained while enjoying nature. The Nayara Gardens are affordable, and promised services are provided to its guests to make their stay in Costa Rica an unforgettable one.

69. Hoshinoya Tokyo

The hotel is located in the economic centre of the Japanese city of Tokyo, a short walk from Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. Unlike ordinary high-end hotels, Tokyo Hoshinoya Hotel is far away from Western architecture and feeling.

This 17-story building is a traditional Japanese building, giving people the opportunity to enjoy this Asian cultural lifestyle. The hotel’s space can only be accessed by the staying guests, which raises the concept of privacy to a different level. Guests will receive the best service with traditional Japanese characteristics.

70. Sol y Luna, Sacred Valley, Peru

The country’s cultural heritage and artistic temperament create a luxurious and exquisite hotel experience. This place occupies 328,000 square feet and is surrounded by gardens and flowers on all sides.

The open garden provides a lot of space for outdoor activities. The intimate hotel with 43 cabins has 15 high-end luxury cabins. Surrounded by archaeological attractions, this place also gives the opportunity to enjoy the view in a comfortable room. It also has an entrance porch, foyer, living room with an underfloor heating system to keep guests warm and comfortable in winter.

71 Casa Chameleon in Las Catalinas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

A carved paradise awaits guests at the Chameleon House, where luxury meets adventure. The facility itself is well-designed, keeping in mind that guests will feel the resonance with nature and luxury. This hotel is refreshing.

Since it is not far from the town, tourists can take a walk on the streets of this metropolis. A long list of extraordinary experiences awaits them, with tourists, from sunbathing to soaking in the swimming pool. The hotel is located on the top of Las Catarina Mountain, giving the feeling of a fairy tale come true.

72. The Georges, Lexington, Virginia

If you want to escape the town, Lexington will meet all your expectations. Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, the George Hotel occupies three buildings across Main Street in Lexington, Virginia.

The hotel provides luxurious accommodation for past and present guests. The hotel has a casual and lively piano bar, where guests can relax, enjoy country music, enjoy delicious drinks and southern tavern-style cuisine.

73. China House, Shanghai

Located in the heart of Shanghai, this hotel is the newest member of the famous House Collective under the Swire Hotels Group. The hotel offers 111 luxurious rooms for guests to choose from. They even have 102 unique facilities for serving residences for discerning world travellers.

The hotel is located in a prime location in Jing’an District. The bustling streets attract tourists with their charming and colourful markets. The gorgeous decoration and intricate design of the hotel add to the wonderful experience in this city. Italian designer Piero Lissoni combined bold lines and clean silhouettes to give the area a complex atmosphere.

74. Kamalame Reef, Bahamas

The Bahamas is a favourite place for any tourist who wants to escape the ocean. There are many resorts on several beaches in the Bahamas. But if someone wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy beach, this hotel is the ideal pass.

The hotel has its own private island, covering 96 acres. This resort is full of exotic flowers, palm trees and the blue ocean of the Caribbean Sea. They have world-class facilities, comfortable accommodations and luxurious spas. The kitchenette, damp bar, and balcony make all its happiness stay in the resort. Soaking a cocktail in the swimming pool will surely wash away the melancholy and leave the tourists calm.

75. Katikies Mykonos, Greece

This land full of mythology and philosophy has always attracted tourists to experience its rich Greek culture. Built on the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos, this hotel is a leading luxury hotel that captures the essence of seaside life. The hotel exudes a modern and authentic atmosphere, attracting tourists to spend time in the hotel.

76. Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail, Colorado

This resort is considered the best resort in North America. The location of the hotel is in the heart of Vail with shops and cafes just within walking distance. This is a Bavarian-style hotel that provides customers with the best facilities.

This hotel has been rated as a complete five-star by the local chamber of commerce. Guests enjoy free access to the spa and fitness area, internet, and business centre in the oversized room.

77. Bisate Lodge, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

The facilities of the hotel are quite different from the general luxury hotels. It is located in a natural amphitheatre of an eroded volcanic cone. Given its location, the hotel offers guests the main theatrical scene to enjoy. This stop combines the long journeys of gorillas.

The hotel defines a new era of luxury hotels and unconventional settlements and provides its customers with different tastes of luxury. The hotel provides the best comfort service. It gives guests a chance to see the way of life in Rwanda’s countryside and people. It is also close to the park headquarters, making it even more desirable.

78. Wicanings Hotels in Tofino, British Columbia

The adventurous spirit of living on the west coast of Vancouver Island combined with the heritage can be well experienced at the Wikaninish Hotel, which is located between the charming rainforest and the charming sea.

A comfortable stay in the place becomes unforgettable due to the generous hospitality and the provided inn, which has been designed with real care and consideration. The charming scenery surrounds this place, helping to create special memories that will last a lifetime.

79. Costa Rica Santa Teresa Beach Florblanca Resort

Located 12 km from Montezuma, the Florblanca Resort is amidst the active tropical vegetation of Playa Santa Teresa. It has fully furnished independent villas, open-air living areas and handmade Costa Rican double hammocks.

The air-conditioned bedrooms are decorated with comfortable linens, and the bathrooms are designed in a garden setting. Guests at the resort have the choice to indulge in the luxury of the outdoor swimming pool or spa or just have fine dining at the on-site restaurant.

80. Rosewood Maya Coba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Time to stay in the rosewood Maya Coba, which is a paradise, in the spiralling deep blue lagoon and the turquoise Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The 129 complexly designed private suites set a new definition of sophistication and luxury, with private swimming pools and stretched terraces, many of which are connected to private lagoon jetties. Exquisite suits and personalized butler service create unparalleled luxury, allowing guests to linger and enjoy unparalleled luxury.

81. Rosewood Beijing

Beijing Redwood Hotel is the first redwood hotel and resort hotel in China, bringing the concept of modern and luxurious accommodation to a new level.

The hotel has six exquisite restaurants and bars, from experiencing the northern style of human fireworks, to enjoying stylish hot pot, to distinguished Chinese private banquets, to French elegant and pleasant dining, and even fashionable gatherings in the afternoon, relaxing conversation.

82. Temples in Chengdu, China

The temples in Chengdu, China are a combination of traditional architecture and modern architecture. The name of this place comes from the 1600-year-old Daci Temple. This house was built on the site of the Daci Temple. This temple is a destination that brings health, food and art to a new dimension.

83. Proper Hotels in Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Proper Hotel is located within walking distance of the beach through the sun-drenched Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Proper Hotel offers a wealth of luxury with sea breeze and natural light caressing every 271 guest rooms and suites and every bit of space.

The colour and texture of the interior reflect the local coastline. The hotel has a unique rooftop swimming pool deck on the west side, with a Balearic outdoor restaurant, bar and cabana, and provides guests with a charming view of the sunset on the Pacific Ocean.

84. Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, St. Bart’s

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa is located in the picturesque St. Bart’s, known as the number one in the Caribbean, and ranked as one of the top 15 holiday destinations in the world by readers of Condé Nast Traveler. St. Bart’s Island ranks high on the list of the best islands in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, and it is also considered one of the best islands in the world.

Le Barthélemy Hotel and Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, a subsidiary of the Champagne hotel chain, won the Readers’ Choice Awards (Readers’ Choice Awards), the highest accolade, becoming the number one resort hotel in Europe and one of the top ten resort hotels in the world.

85. Six Senses Douro Valley, Lamego, Portugal

Looking for fun and relaxation? Douro Valley is an ideal answer. The hotel is located in the Samodaes area of Lameco, only 6 kilometres from the city centre. It usually takes 90 minutes to reach the airport and is also very convenient to the city’s tourist hotspots.

The 57 well-designed bedrooms are equipped with modern facilities such as LCD/plasma TVs, additional bathrooms, additional toilets, cloth shelves, and free instant coffee to provide a luxurious stay.

The hotel also offers a variety of entertainment options, including canoes, dart boards, hiking trails, yoga studios, and hot tubs. With its convenient location and extensive facilities, Six Senses Douluo Valley is a popular holiday destination.

86. Turtle Island Resort Fiji

Looking for an adventure in the tranquil place of the Fiji Islands adjacent to Yaswana, in the exquisite and paradise vistas of the Blue Lagoon. The sky blue Adam’s ale in the endless ocean proves that on this charming island, you have forgotten the tension of urban life.

With 12 private beaches, their all-encompassing hospitality promises an excellent experience. This lush grass vows to make the residence of only 14 people full of peace, as well as new dishes prepared with fresh seafood and local vegetables. Stay with them, enjoy an enlightening and noisy home holiday, and enjoy traditional caress.

87. San Pietro II of Positano, Italy

With breathtaking scenery of the Amalfi coastline and the Mediterranean Sea, this hotel offers traditional hospitality full of wonder and joy. This building sits between the vast ocean horizon, and the sky allows you to feel the essence of nature. The view from the top of the cliff allows you to see the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Guest rooms are a symbol of luxury, providing you with the highest quality service and amazing comfort. Take a break in San Pietro di Positano and experience the miracles of nature and the calm of the sea in one place.

88. Grand Hotel Tremezzina, Lake Como, Italy

The famous garden of Carlotta, located near the villa, made a comment on its 100th anniversary. In order to hold this grand event at this grand and auspicious occasion, they formed an alliance with Maestro Gualtiero, who is famous for his luscious cordon.

You can try their taste at La Terrazza in the best terrace location of its 5 luxurious restaurants. With a stunning view of the pristine Lake Como, this hotel offers brilliant rooms for your stay. Get off there and experience the unparalleled view of Bellagio and Grinch Mountains, as well as the beautiful Riviera Della Azali.

89. Karatu Jib Farm, Tanzania

This stunning building was built around 1929 and is located in Karatu, 7 kilometres from the Sumawi complex. It offers free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and free bicycles.

Their restaurant website offers the most delicious dishes. They provide functions including family room, garden, bar and common room. The private toilet includes matching sanitary ware and other beauty facilities. The room also includes a private wardrobe and lounge. This restaurant is considered one of the oldest motels in the area.

90. Department of Finance, Perth, Australia

This is one of the oldest luxury motels in central Perth. It was established in the 19th century. This confusing place has a bar and two delicious restaurants. The most important feature of COMO is the soul holiday of Shambhala Health Therapy.

This building was designed by the great architect Kerry Hill. The vault also provides a comfortable base, full of warmth. You also have the opportunity to experience fascinating Western Australia with new sparks and surprises for an awesome holiday.

91. La Peer Hotels in West Hollywood, California

Located in a land of stunning architecture and art, this place offers guests a wealth of suites to 105 luxurious rooms. Close to Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Avenue, this attractive place also has the premises of a pool lounge and rooftop activities.

In total, this place includes more than 8,000 square feet of restaurants and lounges, including outdoor and indoor areas. In the design district of West Hollywood, this place is a California space with fine jewellery and exquisite features. This restaurant serves one of the most delicious dishes.

92. Explore Rapa Nui Island on Easter Island in Chile

This place is located between the vast and abundant emerald green and the breathtaking scenery of the tranquil Pacific Ocean. May I ask who has lived in Rapa Nui explore Rapa Nui, how was the experience? The characteristics of the location, the most amazing location, Easter Island to explore all the luscious leaves.

All of their rooms provide a full range of dining facilities and transportation to and from the airport. They have a personalized outdoor team to form a local itinerary, with 30 selective exploration and exploration routes. If you want to inhale the essence of nature, come to this charming place.

93. Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Morocco’s vast Atlas Mountains, it is famous for their charming suites and rooms. All 28 rooms have been decorated to represent the essence of the striking architecture and frame.

There are many famous antiques in architecture, which extend their existence to the broad view of the world. Sir Richard Branson bought the premises of Kasbah Tamadot when he was a regular customer of the company. There is also the reputation of “first” here. Resorts in North America and the Middle East were selected as the best hotels in 2020 by the most influential travel association “Travel + Leisure World”.

94. Frangipani Beach Resort, Mead Bay, Anguilla

The resort has an award-winning restaurant location called Straw Hat, which provides services, having all your meals a day on the beach, and the tranquil scenery of the ocean.

The restaurant website offers the essence of “Life of Riley” and mouth-watering local cuisine. The resort is built in Middles Bay with a wealthy Caribbean atmosphere. The resort is known for providing a special “resort bubble” experience, allowing visitors to live on the tranquil and constant beaches of Mids Road.

95. Roca hats in Majorca, Spain

After intoxicating efforts, Cap Rocat provided a huge obstacle to its restoration process. This fortress was used to guard the Bay of Palma. Located in a nature reserve, It provides visitors with a view of luscious foliage and green leaves.

Antonio Obrador has completed the restoration of Roca Island. The restoration process is to strengthen the building while fully respecting the ancient architecture of the building. The project also won the Europa Nostra Award.

96. London Milestone Hotel and Residence

This place is famous for its luxurious decorations, old warm chairs and unique artwork. Their old Victorian building, with its charming and eye-catching design, is recognized as Grade II. The building is composed of an amazing red and white brick and stone facade called “Milestone”.

Considered a landmark of London, the building is surrounded by lush foliage and greenery and is only a short walk from Royal Albert Hall, Notting Hill and Knightsbridge. This place is also famous for its spicy haute cuisine.

97. Cavas Wine Hotel, Mendoza, Argentina

This is a resort with 55 acres of vineyards. This place is established in one of the best and most important wineries and a magnificent stretch of the Andes. The city of Mendoza is only a 30-minute drive away.

To experience the charming hospitality, you must come here once. They entertain guests with great skill and diligence. The hotel is surrounded by charming Mendoza, making you feel enlightened and affectionate at the same time.

98. Valencia Ranch Resort, California

In order to free yourself from your ordinary life, Valencia Ranch Resort is the best choice. It provides modern hospitality, unique and elegant affluence. The living room is a national manor-style building.

This place provides the best experience of the beautiful and charming Mediterranean scenery. The architecture of the resort combines the Spanish colonial style with the essence of Mexico. These facilities have the most unique and romantic atmosphere, surrounded by huge gardens. This resort offers one of the warmest and most seductive tranquil scenery in the country.

99. The Boulders, Arizona

This place is located in one of the most fascinating landscapes in the Sonoran Desert. Hilton has restored and refurbished the hotel to provide the richest “Ryley life experience”, an escape from metropolitan life.

The tranquil and outstanding venue has been hailed as the best hotel in Arizona by U.S. News and World Report. It includes elegant residential areas and suites, first-class services and luxurious spa facilities. Boulder has two 18-hole golf courses built by Jay Morrish and included in Digest’s 2019 editor’s selection list.

100. Tulemar Bungalows and Villas-Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

It is nestled among the vast foliage and tranquillity of Costa Rica and offers an excellent sea view. Tulemar Bungalows and villas are located on the top of the hill and are known for their rich and affectionate surroundings. Luxurious accommodation and exotic beaches are enough to surprise anyone who breathes on earth.

The service here is the most elegant and warmest. This place blends perfectly with nature and provides guests with the most amazing memories. The diversity of wild animals and the essence of nature make it the best choice for escaping city life.

We ourselves are bewildered by these fascinating characteristics. We hope you also like every detail of this article. We hope that your love of travel will allow you to experience every hotel for yourself! With such hopes and wishes, we will soon see another fascinating list!