FAQs for company

Please contact our turnstile experts directly, if below answers cannot help you

Without MOQ request for the electronic door lock. It is available to offer the sample for your checking first.

Yes,  if the quantity is more than 200 pcs for the hotel door lock, 500 pcs for digital cabinet lock.we could meet your request.

We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. We check the goods when they go into the next step production procedure.

Replacement. If there are some defective items, we usually credit to our customer or replace in the next shipment.

Contact our  Professional Service Sector; they will offer you the help instantly.

We offer a warranty for 2 years. After 2 years, spare parts and technical support will be provided at a reasonable price.

It should be within three workdays for regular electronic locks;
It takes about 25-30 days for fingerprint lock mass production order and 7-10 days for RFID cabinet lock.

Usually 30% T/T in advance, and balance before shipping. We can also accept Western Union and Paypal for a small amount.

We have a headquarter office in Shenzhen China a design office in South Korea and sales office in Australia and Mumbai India.

FAQs for products

Please contact our lock experts directly, if below answers cannot help you

total 5 ways, you can go through fingerprint, smart card, password, mechanical key, and optional by mobile app control.

You can unlock it by mechanical key, or connect a 9V battery to the emergency power poles.

Yes, passage mode can keep it unlocking.

Using the standard Mifare-1 card, with standalone type or software management type.

Yes. We can develop and make the lock with any particular card, but with the request of the minimum quantity.

Yes, you can use it for the public, use your code to lock it, then enter the same code to open it.

It is available, it will be provided master code to open the lock for an emergency.

There are consecutive eight beep sounds as an alarm from the locks, and please replace the batteries after a sound alert. If the batteries are dead in the locker lock, use external power(a 9V charger) to open it and change batteries.

FAQ of After-sales Service

If the customer finds a fault during the installation or use of the electronic door lock, the problem can be sent to the relevant sales personnel via email or instant chat via photo or video. The salesperson will check the problem after receiving the customer video. Frequently Asked Questions Business staff will quickly answer how customers operate correctly. Usually customers might misuse during the process of installing software. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installation !Customer support must be completed within 24 hours. If the customer has special event requirements, priority should be met.

If it is the product quality, the sales people will issue the hotel door lock problem to the quality department in the form of 8D. If there are individual problems, we will provide the accessories free of charge and inform the customer how to replace the accessories by video. The courier fee will be paid by our company. Customer complaints must be completed within 2 working days. If the customer has special event requirements, priority should be met.

If it is a batch problem (more than 10 pcs), the customer is required to send back the problem sample, which is convenient for the internal analysis of the company. The QC department will call the technical department, the production department and the marketing department to conduct a meeting evaluation, determine the maintenance plan, and statistics on the adverse phenomena. Improvement measures for abnormal phenomena, completion date, etc.

The QC department arranges inspector to check the refunded products, and the assembly staff cooperate with the unpacking. The inspector check out the problem product and make Identification & statistics.

The PE engineer of the QC department will give a maintenance plan based on the statistics of the problem product, analyze the reasons, and formulate follow-up preventive improvement measures to prevent the similar phenomenon from happening again.

Considering the real situation for customs clearance and freight cost in foreign markets, we will provide corresponding accessories to customers according to the problems, and provide corresponding maintenance method videos to customers for reference. During the maintenance period, the accessories are free and the courier costs are paid by our company.We will charge a reasonable accessory fee after the repair period is exceeded.Customer complaints must be completed within 3 working days. If the customer has special event requirements, priority should be met.

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