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Sleek, smart, and secure, Ilockey Bluetooth smart lock with TTlock App is the newest advanced door locks designed to keep you and your loved ones safe and to provide convenience to your household.

With TTlock App, you can open the door anywhere you want. Unlock your door automatically with either your fingerprint, through a passcode, via Bluetooth, or through the companion App. It can auto-lock your door for you so your home is always safe.

Wide coverage of different types of mortises including adjustable deadbolt 60-70mm, single latch60-70mm, Euro standard mortise 5050/5060/2885/3585/4085/4585/5085/6085/7085/5572/6072, and even rim lock mortise, 99.9% of the doors can find a suitable solution from Ilockey smart Bluetooth door locks range.

No matter smart access control, or smart front door lock, smart room locks even smart cabinet locks you can find one App solution in Ilockey smart locks range.

Main Features of Bluetooth Door Lock

Easy to control the lock by cellphone, get the extra gateway to reach for remote control, for voice control via Alexa!

Smart Lock is a great assistant for short-term rental hosts and self-house residents. Connected our APP, generate passcode remotely and share it with your visitors, and no more waiting!

Multiple Types TTlock Smart Locks For Airbnb

Bluetooth keypad door lock

Fingerprint Bluetooth Door Lock

Fingerprint Handle Smart Digital Door Lock With TTlock APP

Ilockey APP RFID Cabinet Lock Remote control Cabinet Lock

Mobile App Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock Aluminum hook lock

Mobile APP Smart Fingerprint Door knob with Google home and Alex

Smart Locks for Airbnb

Automatic Fingerprint Digital Door Lock With Alexa Google Home

TTlock APP Access Smart deadbot with Alexa Google Home for front door

Bluetooth Door Lock FAQ

Yes, the TTlock app provides the ability to monitor use to see who unlocks the door and when!

The lock uses Bluetooth with the app, which has a range of only 10 meters. To lock/unlock through the app from farther distance using wifi or cellular data you’ll need another device called a gateway.

There are 3 ways to unlock the door from inside,
1. Manual unlocking
The indoor lock body of the smart lock has a rotary knob. If you are at home and the door lock is locked, you only need to gently rotate the horizontal knob to the vertical state to unlock the door.

2. Unlock with a smartphone.
You can use the TTlock app to unlock the door directly, (as long as the Bluetooth connection is stable and the phone is within 32.8 feet of the lock.)
You can also add a G2 WiFi Gateway (Gateway and lock connection) that allows you to remotely unlock it from anywhere, anytime, regardless of distance.

3. Voice unlock, as long as you add a G2 WiFi gateway (gateway and lock connection), use Alexa or Google Assistant, you can voice unlock,

Yes, you can use your phone to open the TTLock APP, select “Auto Lock” in the Settings, and click “Off Auto Lock” to turn it off completely!

Yes. This lock works with “Alexa” or “Google home”, and it supports voice to unlock/lock and remotely unlock/lock, (compatible with “Alexa” and “Google home”)

But you need a G2 Gateway(works with WiFi) to use both of these functions, and the G2 Gateway needs to be purchased separately.

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