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Ilockey Keyless Cabinet Locking System

ilockey keyless cabinet locking system provides 3 different smart cabinet lock solutions, RFID cabinet lock, digital locker lock, and fingerprint cabinet lock. Compared to traditional mechanical locks, it has greater user stability and manager’s convenience, it has been widely used in Gymnasium, School, Airport, SPA, … gym room, pool locker, office staff, document storage cabinet.

For the Owner

Several unlocking methods are available, like card, password, fingerprint, IC chip,  there is less risk of losing the user’s key, and an administrator can take immediate action with the master key when a problem occurs. It greatly improves the management efficiency, totally say goodbye to the physical key.

For Guests

Keyless cabinet locking system can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy. You can grant access to certain people and ensure that all others cannot open the lock. No need to worry about losing your keys. It also can improve children’s safety at home, avoid your kids free to open the drawers or cabinet doors.

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RFID Cabinet Lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Digital Locker Lock

Keyless Cabinet Locking System Supplier

  • One-stop keyless cabinet lock system supplier in China

  • Design 2-3 new keyless cabinet lock  every year

  • 2 years warranty and spare parts and technical support

  • Certified by CE, SGS , ROHS, Europe fire test standards

Keyless Cabinet Locking System Supplier FAQ

No, it won’t work on anything bigger than 1 1/3 inches

Yes, you can please make sure the card can be work well with our locks before you buy.

Yes, you can program one card as master card for multiple locks.

No, it is not waterproof, you should use it without water.

It is around 3-5cm according to the lock and card type.

Smart Lock Manufacturer

Keyless cabinet locking system – Definitive Guide

The keyless cabinet locking system is designed to open your cabinet door without any mechanical keys. It is also called a smart cabinet locking system or electronic furniture locking system. Smart cabinet lock manufacturers in China have several names for keyless cabinet locks, such as smart cupboard lock, furniture smart lock, keyless drawer lock. Actually, all these cabinet locks are the same product, there are the smart cabinet locks.

Benefits of keyless cabinet locking system

A keyless cabinet locking system enables you to open the cabinet door with different unlocking methods, such as fingerprint, RFID card, passwords. Different smart cabinet locks will provide you different functions, but all these locks can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy.

The office is one of the most common places that a keyless cabinet lock used, we often call them file cabinet lock. With a keyless file cabinet lock, you can not only protect your file safe but also can grant access to certain people and ensure that all others cannot open the lock. Compared to the traditional physical keys, a smart file cabinet lock has a better anti-theft level.

If you have children in your home, a keyless cabinet lock will improve your children’s safety by avoiding your kids free to open the drawers or cabinet doors. We have such a special design cabinet lock that offers biological access to open your drawer.

A keyless cabinet locking system is often used in Gymnasium, School, Airport, SPA. By using smart cabinet locks, they can improve their management efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Combined with the latest mobile technology, your cabinet lock even can connect to your mobile phone, some smart lock companies have developed the face recognition cabinet lock.

All these cabinet lock functions provide your users the best user experience, and finally improve the overall company image.

How does the keyless cabinet locking system work?

When talks about systems, many people may think about the web/mob software, just like our hotel keyless entry system. However, the keyless cabinet locking system doesn’t have any software, each lock is used independently and is not controlled by any software.

3 typical unlocking methods are available for the keyless cabinet locking system, fingerprint, password, and RFID card. Normally, one type of smart cabinet lock just provides one unlocking method, some keyless cabinet lock may also support several unlocking methods at the same time.

Here we take the digital cabinet lock as an example to show how the keyless cabinet locking system works. Before you using the cabinet lock, you need to set a password. When you need to open the cabinet lock, just enter the password and the door will open.

The biggest concern for a keyless cabinet lock is that you forgetting your password. In this condition, you can ask the administrator for the spare key. Every keyless cabinet lock will be equipped with a master key. If the master key is also lost, the owner can reset the lock and set a new password. Different solutions are provided for password losing.

Types of keyless cabinet locking system

There are mainly 3 types of keyless cabinet locking systems, RFID cabinet lock, Digital locker lock, and fingerprint cabinet lock. With the development of mobile phone technology, some smart lock companies develop face recognition cabinet locks, WIFI cabinet locks. But as these products are not mature at present, so we don’t talk too much about these electronic cabinet locks.

Digital Locker Lock

A digital locker lock is also called a digital cabinet lock, it is designed to use a password to open the cabinet door. To meet different cabinet needs, digital locker lock supports horizontal body design and vertical body designs. Password often combines with an RFID card or fingerprint in one digital cabinet locks, which means that you can open the cabinet door with a password, also can open with an RFID card or your fingerprint.

Digital locker lock is one of the basic keyless cabinet locking systems, simple, firm, cheap, and easy to install. Although the function is the same, the digital locker lock design and appearance become better and better. For a long time, digital locker lock is still the main keyless cabinet lock for gyms, offices, hospitals, schools, airports.

RFID Cabinet Lock

RFID cabinet lock is another basic locking system for cabinets. As the RFID cabinet lock doesn’t need to prepare space for the keypad, so its design can be more flexible. RFID cabinet lock has been designed into the horizontal body design, vertical body designs, round designs.

Recently, an RFID cabinet lock combine with Bluetooth function is hot selling on Amazon, this electronic cabinet lock is very small, so it also called an invisible cabinet lock. Compared to digital cabinet lock, RFID cabinet lock is easier to integrate with the latest technology, like Bluetooth, mobile phone. In not long future, you will see more and more powerful RFID cabinet locks are developed by RFID cabinet lock companies.

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Integrating with biological access to open the cabinet is the biggest feature for a fingerprint cabinet lock. As there is no space requirement, fingerprint cabinet lock can be designed very small, so it often used in small furniture locking, such as jewelry box, drawer.

Normally, a fingerprint cabinet lock can store and recognize up to 20-100 fingerprints, no need of App or PC.

How to Choose Keyless cabinet lock system

These 3 keyless cabinet lock systems have obvious differences in their applications. Digital locker lock is more suitable for commercial use, fingerprint cabinet lock suits for home using. The cabinet lock has a more flexible application, it can be used in both commercial place and at home. When you choose a keyless cabinet lock system, you should first consider where you will use it.

For example, you are a gym owner, you are looking for a keyless cabinet lock system for your gym storage cabinet. A digital cabinet lock provides you a basic locking function as well as good quality and competitive price, it would be a great choice. At the same time, an RFID cabinet lock can also meet your requirement, what you need to do it to choose one of them.

Another example, if you are looking for a cabinet lock for your home, and you are a mother or father, then a fingerprint cabinet lock can meet your requirement as well as protect your kids safe. If you are a tech geek, consider RFID cabinet lock or fingerprint cabinet lock, they will give you the latest technology using experience.

After you have fixed which types of smart cabinet locks you will buy, then you can care about the lock quality and price. You’d better buy them from professional smart lock companies, they will give you a reliable warranty.

If you want to know how to choose a keyless cabinet lock, you can see the article: What to look when choosing a smart lock?

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