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What’s the Smart lock for Airbnb?

Smart lock for Airbnb means that the landlord manages the smart door lock remotely through the mobile APP, without software or OS access system request, can directly issue the Ekey or password to the guest, and the guest can enter the designated area through the mobile Ekey or the password. Small hotels, hotels without a 24-hour Reception, rural tourism accommodation, boutique hotels, etc. You will find the management and maintenance tool in TTlock smart lock that best suits your business;

Benefits of Smart Lock for Airbnb

APP smart hotel lock is a bright spot for the hotel industry, meeting the convenience and individual needs of consumers

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 Main Function of Gateway in Smart Lock for Airbnb

The Ilockey Gateway converts Bluetooth electronic locks and Bluetooth access controls into online devices. With an online connection via Wi-Fi, the locks and access controls transfer the recorded events to the Cloud, through the Gateway, and devices can be managed remotely.


The online Ilockey system operates by double connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Devices > Administrator

Electronic locks and access controls send the information via Bluetooth to the Gateway. The Gateway, connected to a hotel Wi-Fi network, sends all the information received to the server to make it available for the administrator.

Administrator > Devices

The online functions the administrator executes remotely from their Smartphone are transmitted from the server to the Gateway via Wi-Fi and channeled via Bluetooth to the door locks, access controls, and cabinet locks.

When the administrator Smartphone and the smart door, hidden cabinet lock or access control to be managed are within the Bluetooth range, they communicate directly via Bluetooth and transmit the information without using the Gateway or Wi-Fi.

To implement an online system, a Wi-Fi network, smart door locks, access controls, and/or hidden cabinet locks with Bluetooth connectivity from Ilockey are essential.

On-line Connectivity

Remote maintenance and management of electronic locks, hidden cabinet locks, and Bluetooth access controls. Control via Smartphone


The Gateway is compatible with all Ilockey Bluetooth locks, access controls, Bluetooth cabinet locks, and hidden cabinet locks.

Online functions

  • Online Audit Trail
  • Remote opening via administrator smartphone
  • Battery level control
  • Access credential management
  • Date / Time update
  • Opening alerts

What is Needed for RFID Hotel Locks Solution?

The whole RFID hotel lock solution including Hotel door locks, Encoder, Energy savers, Mifare card, hotel lock Web software, lift control, and access control.

Since different material with different screw accessaries and so on;

If it is old door, we need to get the mortise size then we can recommand the suitable mortise size for your updating; if it is new door without drilling hole, then you can chose your favorate design for your door.

We can provide your suitable accessaries for hotel locks installation.

The hotel lock handle is fixed, you need to tell us the quantity and we can tailor-madefor you the direction for your installation convinient.

Technical Support

1. Provide technical data and instruction, Video for guidance;

2. Provide 2% free spare parts for backup.

  • Software
  • Drilling template
  • User manual
  • Video

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