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fingerprint cabinet lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

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Fingerprint Cupboard Lock

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Fingerprint Drawer Lock

China Professional Fingerprint Cabinet Lock Manufacturer

Ilockey fingerprint cabinet locks adopt live fingerprints identify technology, which is truly convenient and easy for managing while using in commercial areas and private sections.

Ilockey is a leading fingerprint cabinet lock manufacturer in China, our fingerprint cabinet locks include fingerprint cabinet locks, fingerprint cupboard locks, fingerprint drawer lock, and so on. By providing 360-degree recognition fingerprint pressing direction, these waterproof fingerprint sensors can reject any fake fingerprint.

Easy to operate, no need for keys, support pushing automatically lock and fingerprint unlocks automatically. Our Fingerprint cabinet locks have been widely used in file cabinets, offices, furniture, drawer, furniture safe box and so on.

Main Features of Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

One-touch Fingerprint Access

Just need a “one-touch” to wake up the sensor, your fingerprint is your key.

Multiple Types Fingerprint Cabinet Locks For Home

fingerprint biometric fingerprint drawer lock

Keyless Mini Fingerprint Cabinet Drawer Lock For Office

fingerprint drawer lock

Fingerprint Drawer Lock Biometric Furniture Lock

Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock

fingerprint lock filing cabinet

Fingerprint Lock Filing Cabinet

fingerprint lock for cabinet

Fingerprint Lock for Cabinet with RFID Card

fingerprint cabinet lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock With Digital Password

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock Manufacturers FAQ

Whether need to modified or not, it’s up to the dimension of existing hole. If existing hole less than Φ23mm, it need 2 hole for installation of ceiling panel, existing one for wire, while Φ23mm, no hole needed, but need a washer for installation. No fit for the hole more than Φ23mm.

Micro USB port for emergency charging if low battery that door can not open.

This fingerprint lock is unlocked and locked by fingerprint recognition and cannot be unlocked manually or by key. When the battery is weak, it can not be unlocked, you can charge it by emergency micro usb.

The fingerprint lock is a simple lock. NO app, No key hole.If battery is low,you could charge it via micro usb.There is no other backup way to unlock this fingerprint lock, and each of our products will be strictly checked before shipment. Please don’t worry.

You can but not designed to work on a door. It won’t have much locking power on such a large door is basically designed to work on it cabinet drawer or lead.

Long press set switch, blue light on, red light after three seconds, release switch. All fingerprints were removed successfully.

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