Digital Locker Lock

Digital Locker Lock
  • Digital locker lock is a technology that identifies locks by code or Temic card.

  • Master card for program password/user card; delete password/user card and emergency unlocking.

  • Fixed password Mode for private use: Enter the fixed password to unlock it,it will automatically lock itself(or press# to lock)

  • One-time password Mode for Public use: Enter a personal password to lock it,enter the same password to unlock it, it will be available for the next user.

  • Stainless steel latch and ABS plastic lock body, durable and anti-corrosion.

  • High-speed proximity reader recognizes cards in less than 0.25sec

  • Low power alarm, door ajar alarm, anti-tampering alarm

  • Widely used in Gymnasium, School, Airport, SPA, … – Wardrobe, safety box, filing cabinet, personal locker, gym room, pool locker, desk, document storage cabinet.

Secure lever management with imported motor inside of Digital Locker lock

Which is easy for management with distinct right for lever user. High quality motor ensured long life span running stable.

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Main Features of Digital Locker Lock

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Specification of Digital Locker Lock

Model NoIC901/902IC903IC906IC909/910IC915/916IC920
Master code/card3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs5 pcs
User code/card5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs
Card typeTemic cardTemic cardTemic cardTemic cardTemic cardTemic card
Static Current≤20uA≤20uA≤20uA≤25uA≤25uA≤25uA
Dynamic Current≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA
Working Temperature15°C~55°C15°C~55°C15°C~55°C0℃~55℃0℃~55℃0℃~55℃
Working HumidityRH20%~95%RH20%~95%RH20%~95%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~80%
Power supplier4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries
Low Voltage3.7V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V
Power backup9V battery9V battery9V battery9V battery9V batteryUSB port
Life Time>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times
Door Thickness≥16mm(for wooden door)
≥0.6mm(for metal door)
  • Digital Locker Lock Application

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