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Ilockey digital locker locks adopt the classic digital locker lock system, which is suitable for the library that wants to provide basic code or Temic card access solutions for their cabinets.

As a professional smart Locker Lock manufacturer, we provide different types of electronic locker locks, which suitable for different hotel requirements, including digital keypad locker lock, digital combination locker lock, keypad file cabinet lock, Keyless locker locks digit lock with horizontal body design.

With our Smart locker lock, there is no integration or third-party dependencies required, besides, you can choose TM card with combination code or Temic card with passcode according to your favorite.

Main Features of Digital Locker Lock

High-quality motor ensured long life span running stable

Secure lever management with the imported motor inside of the digital locker lock, which is easy for management with the distinct right for lever user. 

Multiple Types Digital Locker lock For Hospitals

Digital Keypad Locker Lock

Digital Keypad Locker Lock

Hafele Electronic Digital Cabinet Lock

Hafele Electronic Digital Cabinet Lock

Digital Combination Locker Locks

Digital Combination Locker Locks

Smart Locker Lock

Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit

Digital Locker Lock

Keypad Digital Lock For Storage Cabinet

Keypad File Cabinet Lock

Keypad File Cabinet Lock

Keyless locker locks digilock

Keyless Locker Locks

Digital file cabinet lock

Digital File Cabinet Lock

Digital Locker Lock Manufacturer FAQ

The keypad has an emerging power supply port built into the bottom of the unit.

Yes, you need to set it as automatic lock mode and it will automatically lock when cabinet is closed.

As for the detailed information on the function and operation of this cabinet lock, please review the user manual. In Public Mode, it can be set as a keep-open state.

Yes, holes have to be drilled to connect the key pad and to run the connecting cable.

You can find a hole on the keypad inside, press for several seconds and there is long beep.

No, this function is not available on digital cabinet locks.

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