RFID Cabinet Lock

  • RFID cabinet lock (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that identifies locks by radio waves.

  • Handhold controls all of the card programming, deleting and audit trial;

  • Master card is used to control one whole project and for emergency unlocking;

  • Any mifare card can use any one locker at any time;

  • Occupied lock will blinks to show the lock in use;

  • Stainless steel latch and ABS plastic lock body, durable and anticorrosion.

  • Easy to operate. Has function of auto-rebounce and auto-lock.

  • High-speed proximity reader recognizes cards in less than 0.25sec

  • Low power alarm, door ajar alarm, anti-tampering alarm

  • Widely used in Gymnasium, School, Airport, SPA, … gym room, pool locker, office staff,document storage cabinet

No more external card for RFID cabinet lock

Gyms – your VIP member card is locker key. School– Student ID card is the locker key.

Fully automatic SMT(surface mount)technology,which effectively guarantees the high quality of the Electronic Cabinet Lock.

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Main Features of RFID Cabinet Lock

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Specification of RFID Cabinet Lock

Model NoIC801/802IC805IC806IC810IC815/816IC878
Master code/card5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs
User code/card5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs5 pcs
Card typeMifare cardMifare cardMifare cardMifare cardMifare cardMifare card
Static Current≤25uA≤25uA≤20uA≤20uA≤20uA≤20uA
Dynamic Current≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA≤200mA
Working Temperature0℃~55℃0℃~55℃15°C~55°C15°C~55°C15°C~55°C15°C~55°C
Working HumidityRH20%~80%RH20%~80%RH20%~95%RH20%~95%RH20%~95%RH20%~95%
Power supplier4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries4.5V/3AA batteries
Low Voltage3.6V+/-0.2V3.6V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V3.7V+/-0.2V
Power backup9V battery9V battery9V battery9V battery9V battery9V battery
Life Time>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times>100,000 times
Door Thickness≥16mm(for wooden door)
≥0.6mm(for metal door)
  • Electronic Cabinet Lock Application
  • Electronic Cabinet Lock Application

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