Sample and courier fees for regular products

A The Buyer bears both the sample fee and the courier cost!

All trading companies or intermediaries need to bear the sample and courier costs by themselves. We are not discriminating against trading companies. Instead, we have sent out more than 63% of the samples  and there is no feedback from trading company customeraccording to our records.It is necessary to charge the sample fee and the courier fee from trading company to control our cost. If the order is placed, the sample fee and courier fee can be deducted from the order.

B the seller bears the sample fee and the customer bears the courier fee.

Professional customers or Fortune 500 companies can provide free samples value for $100. Considering that the payment process of large companies is too complicated, applying for a small amount of fees also requires a layer of review and approval, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble and ensure samples delivery timely, we can provide free samples, but customers need to bear the courier costs and provide the corresponding company information for the record.We can negotiate with each other for special situations.

C For long-term cooperation customers

When the company has a new sample, it will promptly send samples to the old customers for reference and promotion, the samples can be shipped with the bulk goods, or there is no shipment for bulk goods, the sample free and courier cost are also paid by the company.

OEM or ODM Sample

According to commercial practice, the implementation of an OEM or ODM order generally requires the supplier to prepare at least two samples, one for the pre-production sample and one for the confirmation sample. Usually when the order is completed or in the middle of production, it is necessary to prepare a large sample for the customer. These samples are separately illustrated here.

A Pre-production sample: It can be a sample confirmed to the customer before production, it can be a sample made after the confirmation, or it can be a similar product for the customer to confirm the quality.

B Confirmation sample: After the sample confirmed by the customer, the mass production should be done in full accordance with the confirmation.Generally when doing confirmation, you must do at least two or more samples. One sample is sent to the customer for confirmation and the other one is reserved in the company for reference. Once the customer confirms, the company will make a large shipment according to the sample in his hand.

C Mass production samples. Samples sent to customers after the production of large quantities. Suppliers also need to keep some samples in the company when the clients place repeat order,the company can follow the samples.

D Hand making sample: It is a confirmation sample that is made according to customer requirements without a mold. Once confirmed, the bulk product will be used to make a formal mold and complete the production.

Considering that the samples are tailor-made for the customer, the factory needs to invest a lot of manpower and resources to develop new products, so the sample and courier costs and the corresponding mold costs are paid by the customer, and the Mold cost can be gradually returned when the order reaches the negotiated quantity.

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