Free warranty period and scope

In the prescribed use state, if it is a product quality problem caused by non-human reasons, you can enjoy the following services with the product warranty card:

  • Within 7 days (inclusive) from the date of installation, enjoy the return, exchange, repair service from the original seller;
  • Within 15 days (including) from the date of installation, enjoy the same type of intelligent electronic lock service replaced by the original seller;

Free maintenance service from Ilockey or its authorized service agencies within three years from the date of purchase.

Note: The above warranty does not cover card damage and loss, casing and user manual loss.

Paid Warranty Service

When one of the following conditions occurs, the free warranty expires, and the company and its authorized service organization will charge according to the “charged fees for special services”:

  1. Exceeding the product free warranty period;
  2. Trouble caused by the user’s unauthorized removal, self-repair, modification or repair by a non-authorized service organization;
  3. Invalid warranty card or no purchase order (except for the machine that can prove that the machine is within the free warranty period);
  4. Damage caused by force majeure (such as natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.);
  5. Damage caused by human factors: including use in abnormal working environment (such as strong magnetic field, strong electric field), not according to product instructions
  6. Damage caused by the use of the door and door fittings (except the door lock) due to breakage or falling, twisting, etc.
  7. The lock position is deviated, and the opening is not working.

Maintenance & Training for international Buyer

The Seller reserves the right to charge for travelling, meal and hotel fees if the Seller is required for maintenance visit to the country of international Buyer. The seller could offer free hotel and meal if Buyer come to Seller’s factory for training.


The Seller can provide online training and technology support through WhatsAPP, Wechat or Skype. The Buyer should be guaranteed to get our reply within 24 hours upon receipt the email. If hotel engineers are unable to follow the aftersales instruction to fix software problems, our engineers can use the teamview to remotely operate the user software to fix the problem. We will provide a hotel lock maintaince FAQ form to the customer to facilitate the customer to check the door lock unusual phenomenon by themselves.

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