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    Ilockey provides basic hotel lock system products: RFID hotel lock, room cards, card encoders, and management software.

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    If there is no customization requirements for your bulk hotel lock system orders, your order will generally be delivered within 15-20 days.

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    Hotel Door Lock System – Definitive Guide

    Safety plays an important role in the hotel industry. However, the traditional security lock has a weakness, that is the key. If it is lost, the finder can easily get access to your hotel. Moreover, it is expensive and time-consuming to replace the lock. To solve the problem, a hotel door lock manufacturer developed an electronic door lock, which allows the users to open the door with a PIN, a chip card, fingerprint, or an app.

    Hotel door lock is one of the great applications for the electronic door locking system, when talks about the hotel door lock, people will think the electronic door locks directly.

    1. What is a hotel door lock system?

    A hotel door lock system is a combination of hotel door lock, elevator control, energy-saving switch, hotel key card encoder, and hotel lock system software. It can be used to improve management efficiency and user experience of hotels.

    When installing a hotel door lock system in your hotel, you don’t need to worry about losing your keys and your guest can even check-in by themselves. In most case, the hotel door lock system just provides a lock and unlock function for the hotel room. But in some luxury hotels, the guest card is also used for using elevators, access control, safes, gyms, swimming pools, SPA, parking, and so on. You can choose the combination according to your hotel requirement.

    2. Types of hotel door lock system

    While specific hotel door lock systems may vary by hotel, two mainstream hotel door lock systems are used by most hotels.

    • Magnetic Door Locks
    • RFID Door Locks

    Although this two-door lock system controls access, they have totally different ways for grant access.

    1) Magnetic Key Card Door Lock System

    Magnetic door locks for access control have existed for many years because these locks are user-friendly and inexpensive options. Using the same basic technology as a credit card, this style of hotel room door lock uses two components:

    • Magnetic key card
    • Door card reader

    There is a magnetic strip on the key card with information on it to enter a specific hotel room door lock. According to the GetKisi.com website, this information is usually very basic, including the user’s access number, the date of approval of the visit and the room number-this information is compiled by the hotel during check-in.

    When a hotel guest inserts or swipes a magnetic card into their key slot, the magnetic card quickly sends its unique card information to the hotel card reader, verifies whether the user information matches the user authorized to enter the room, and communicates with the lock to grant access.

    Although magnetic key card door locks are an affordable option for hotels, they also have some disadvantages:

    • The magnetic strip is prone to wear and damage, as is the card reader.
    • It’s easy to lose, making security more vulnerable.
    • Inexpensive devices can easily hack these cards affecting security

    2) RFID Hotel Door Lock System

    RFID hotel door locks provide hotels and guests with more choices than traditional magnetic key card door locks. RFID technology is widely used in various industries to track inventory and control access. When used for hotel room access, RFID door locks, depending on the system, use a combination of the following components:

    • RFID door lock card reader
    • RFID key card or key fob
    • Mobile device
    • Bluetooth compatible smart device

    The RFID locking system does not require the user to insert or swipe a card. Instead, it uses distance and radio frequency to communicate with the RFID reader on the door. Contains information like hotel RFID program key cards, or smart devices when guests check in, it is similar to magnetic key cards. When the key card or smart device is waved in front of the card reader, it can quickly exchange user information with the door lock reader, verify authorized access, and unlock the user.

    The technology being used in the RFID locking system provides many advantages for hotels:

    • Smart device access improves security.
    • It is not necessary to have a physical card that can be easily lost.
    • If RFID cards are used, they are more durable.
    • With no swiping or insertion, it eliminates wear and tears to the reader.
    • It can be programmed to allow or restrict access to hotel amenities and other access points.

    3. How do hotel door lock works?

    The hotel door lock management software and card issuing machine write the door lock information into the card in the management software, and then set the card information to the door lock, no need to connect.

    After the initial, series of level program settings, a variety of door cards can be used to lock the hotel within the scope of the authority.

    The budget hotel door lock system is composed of hotel door locks, power switch, Encoder, card and hotel door lock management software. In addition to the basic configuration of budget hotels, luxury hotels will also add elevator control, access control, safes, gyms, swimming pools, SPA, parking, and so on. we can tailor the configuration that belongs to your hotel.

    In traditional key card hotel door locks, hotels use a permanent authorization in their guest card. When the guests check out and return the card, the hotel will use the same card to open the door for the next guest. As this way has potential dangers, more and more brand hotels choose a more intelligent RFID hotel door lock system.

    The typical way is to set a valid time in the RFID card, during the valid time, the guests can use the card to open the door normally. When the guests finish their staying, the card is useless automatically. During this time, if the guests want to stay some days longer, the hotel can extend the valid time in their PSM system easily.

    The hotel door lock system can integrate with Opera Fidelio and third-party integration DLL, SDK. It is more convenient for hotel door lock system management.

    4. How to choose a hotel door lock system

    Security has always played an important role in the hotel industry because handling new customers every day requires a flexible access control system. Ensuring that your door effectively prevents potential intrusion requires a reliable hotel door lock system. There are various options on the market, and choosing one requires you to consider various factors. For satisfactory results, choose an access control system for your hotel if you are looking for a lock system. Traditional keys are becoming obsolete due to insufficient protection, so these systems are becoming increasingly popular in many hotels.

    Nowadays, anyone can open the lock, and different doors have many keys which can confuse a large number of numbers. The hotel door lock system you choose can also increase the level of privacy enjoyed by your customers. Determining a reliable access control system is not always an easy task, the best solution in the market. You need to know what you are looking for about your special needs. Some things you should consider when browsing the different options include:

    1) Hotel door lock system credential type

    The first question that should come to mind is the credentials you will use in the order. Credentials refer to the type of “key” in use, such as a key card or numeric code. For anyone considering a hotel door lock system, implementing a key card is the best solution. Using a password for each door brings some complications, including changing the name frequently to maintain security. When using this kind of system, it takes longer to get to the entrance, and it is easy for people to forget the code assigned to them.

    On the other hand, managers can store key cards conveniently and are simple to use. They allow individuals to use credit cards during their stay and return them after use. This is better than changing the code of the hotel’s door lock system every time a guest leaves the room.

    2) Type of key card being used

    Once you have determined that the key card will be used as the main type of voucher for your hotel door lock system, the next decision will be based on the type of key card available. When it comes to these credentials, you can choose from a variety of options. Wiegand is the oldest choice and has a history of nearly 50 years.

    They are one of the more durable options on the market because they do not contain sensitive elements such as microchips. Swipe cards are similar to Wiegand cards, but they provide a larger data set and are rewritten because they do not have a permanent encoding.

    RFID cards are another popular choice when you are looking for strong credentials for your hotel lock system. RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. They work by transferring data on a microchip on a memory card.

    On the other hand, smart cards can be described as high-frequency versions of RFID cards. The main difference between smart cards and standard RFID alternatives is that they have greater storage capacity. This ability allows them to encrypt the data stored in the chip. When it comes to reliable hotel door lock systems, RFID cards are the more common choice. Contacting a trusted access control system supplier is a good way to establish a stable supply to meet your future access control card needs.

    3) Type of access control system

    Although the technology may be designed to perform a single task, not every RFID hotel lock system is the same. The type of access control system you choose depends on various factors, such as the specific access requirements you may wish to have. For example, if you want to manage your system from any location, you can find strategies that provide cloud-based management, which may suit your needs. This allows you to connect to the network online at any time.

    Having a local-based system and an on-site server can provide a reliable solution for those who are unwilling to take work home. However, the server must be kept in a safe location to prevent anyone from tampering with it.

    4) Types of constraints implemented

    There are two settings to choose from, and you can enjoy the card door lock system from the hotel. In other words, these are fail-safe locks and fail-safe locks. In simple terms, fail-safe systems use power to lock doors, while fail-safe systems use power to unlock. This means that the failsafe system will only close when you put pressure on the system, and the failsafe system will only open when you supply power to the system. In this case, the best choice will depend on various factors, such as the specific industry/location related to the project.

    For example, hospitals in most areas require managers to ensure that emergency exits and other areas have easy access doors to prevent any complications in the event of an emergency. This means that the best choice for this type of classification will be a failsafe system, as this will allow people to leave an area without any certificates.

    On the other hand, if the hotel’s door lock system adopts a fail-safe system, the effect will be better, because it will ensure that only the person with the access card can enter a specific room. In short, choosing a smart card door lock system requires you to do some research before deciding on a specific alternative.

    List your specific requirements for these services to ensure that you have chosen the best option for your premises. Taking a moment to ask some questions you may have can also provide more information.

    5. How to install Hotel door lock?

    RFID hotel door lock installation is a good choice, safe and convenient, as part of your overall security plan. It is important and comfortable to install electronic RFID hotel door locks for commercial applications and some residential areas.

    The high level of these two worlds makes them particularly suitable for residential applications, everyone needs. So let’s try to talk about the steps of hotel smart door lock installation:

    1) Prepare hotel door lock installation

    Confirm the status of the hotel door lock: Confirm that the RFID hotel door lock installation conditions meet the installation requirements. Is there a power supply? Is there someone special? Is the renovation completed?

    Confirm the centre distance: There are two types of centre distance: 55mm and 70mm.

    A centre distance between a door frame and a handle rotation axis is what’s known as a centre distance.

    Confirm the thickness of the door lock: the thickness of the door lock is required: 38mm-55mm for special needs according to personal requirements.

    (The depth of the door lock is different. The lock core, lock fixing screw length, and punching requirements of the door lock are additional. Please inform the hotel lock manufacturer when ordering.)

    Confirm that the door lock is open from left to right: the door has a left and right direction, and the corresponding door lock also moves. Direct free points, which should be specified when ordering; the same path as the door lock should be selected when installing.

    Left-opening door lock definition: People stand outside the door, the door opens inward, the hinge is on the left, and the door is open. Right-opening door lock definition: Same as above, the strap is on the right side, and the right side door is open.

    2) Draw a fixed-line for hotel door lock installation

    1) Draw the door opening line: According to the door opening mode provided by the factory, separate the front, back and side of the door. (See the specific picture for the specific hole diagram)

    2) Draw the front opening line of the door: determine the installation height of the door lock. The handle position size is 90cm from the bottom of the door. (The original entrance has been modified, and the door is still the same.) According to the hole diagram, draw the punching line.

    3) Draw an opening line on the back of the door: Draw an opening line on one end of the door as described above.

    4) Draw the door side opening line: first draw the door side centre, press the opening line on the bottom of the door to punch.

    5) Draw the door frame opening line: After the lock cylinder is installed, press the lock cylinder to open the door frame opening line (as required by the overall drawing).

    The height of the lock cylinder should be kept in mind when opening the door frame.

    3) Digging holes for installing electric door locks

    1) Dig the front and rear holes according to the drawings.

    Note: When opening a hole, prevent the wood fibre from flashing (it is better to use a cutting machine to cut the texture along the opening line) to prevent the opening from being too large.

    2) Draw the opening line and dig the side hole. An important aspect of the opening is the side door lock. Be careful when opening holes to prevent the fibres from flying, and prevent the holes from being too large and rough.

    After opening the point, check with a lock cylinder. If it is not appropriate, correct it accordingly.

    3) Dig the door frame door according to the drawing hole. Note: The hole size of the door frame must be high to prevent the virtual position and the door lock from shaking. (See the picture after perforation for details).

    6. Smart hotel door lock installation.

    After opening the package, first, check whether the door lock components are complete and the direction is consistent with the room. Use the battery to test whether the computer lock core and circuit board are working properly, and then start to install the door lock:

    Install the lock core: install the lock core on the door panel and insert the connector into the inner panel. The mounting holes meet the requirements. A mechanical lock is installed in the lock core with screws, and the key should open the door after the lock is installed.

    Install the front lock body: Adjust the four-corner sleeve of the lock cylinder to the correct position (there are square holes and spring marks on the inner cavity of the four-corner sleeve), The door panel must be inserted into the front lock body. Note: The circuit board can not be hard-mounted, the circuit board is damaged, and the connection is broken.

    After the lock body is installed: the same as the front lock body after the lock body is installed, and the fixing screws are installed. Note: The lock body should be parallel to the door before and after installation.

    The left and right distances should not be adjusted so that the handle is consistent with the horizontal direction of the lock cylinder. Adjust the vertical length to make the holding point consistent with the vertical movement of the lock cylinder.

    Install the battery box: Install the battery and the battery box in the corresponding position; connect the wire plug and open it with the hole card.

    The side fixing plate must be installed in accordance with the installed lock core. Install the door frame hole, the plastic box, and the side fixing plate. Note: Adjust the position.

    Debugging and opening of the door, the initial configuration of the door lock: The door can be opened with a door opening card (various door opening cards) mechanical key.

    The above is the whole process of installing the smart hotel lock. Professional things are left to professional people to do, and the installation of hotel smart door locks is better to be done by professional installation companies.

    You can also install your hotel door lock according to the video instructions of the above door lock installation guide.

    7. Hotel Door Locks Repair Guide

    The popularity of RFID hotel door locks has always been relatively high. RFID hotel door locks are installed in many hotels, which makes maintenance and management much easier and greatly enhances the hotel’s style. Most hotels now use smart door locks.

    1. Why Should Hotel Door Locks Be Maintained?

    Compared with traditional door locks, hotel RFID door locks have many advantages, but the maintenance of RFID hotel door locks is more sophisticated than traditional door locks.

    Hardware and machinery belong to the category of smart hotel RFID locks, and the general warranty period is two years.

    At present, the technology is relatively mature and crashes rarely occur. Hotel smart door locks must be more intelligent, but if the maintenance of hotel RFID door locks can be done well, the service life of RFID hotel door locks will be prolonged.

    High-quality hotel card lock products and stable hotel door lock system will make the product life longer, reduce maintenance costs, save several labor costs, and maintain the overall image of the hotel. So how to maintain the hotel RFID lock?

    1. Hotel door lock repair-main components.

    The main components of smart RFID hotel door locks generally include lock panels, mechanical lock cylinders, lock tenons, motherboards, battery packs, etc.

    1) Hotel door lock panel maintenance

    The hotel radio frequency card lock panel includes a front panel and a rear panel. The hotel’s door lock handles often break down here.

    Butter should be added to the handle spring of the door lock every year. If there is lubricant in the transmission part of the lock body, the handle will not be stuck.

    The transmission is stable and the service life can be prolonged. At the same time, check whether the panel fastening screws are loose and make sure they are tight.

    2) Maintenance of the mechanical cylinder of the hotel door lock

    During the use of hotel key card locks, mechanical lock cylinders are rarely used. Guests in ordinary rooms use the room key card to open the door. It has been needed as a backup method to open the door from time to time. In special circumstances, this key is used to open the door.

    It is recommended to perform mechanical lock core maintenance every year or when the key is not smoothly inserted and removed. You can put a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder into the lock cylinder slot, insert it back and forth, so that the key can be inserted and removed smoothly.

    As a lubricant, you may use any oil except for the one you’re using. This will cause grease to stick to the pin spring, causing the lock not to rotate and not open.

    3) Hotel door lock battery pack maintenance:

    If the hotel door lock’s battery voltage falls below 4.7V, an alarm will sound, and battery will need to be replaced. The battery should be replaced every 18 months.

    4) Hotel door lock main board and lock tenon maintenance:

    Main board and lock tenon maintenance are the most important part of RFID hotel door lock maintenance. When you find that the door lock has been closed, press the handle firmly and the door will open again. At this time, the lock tenon needs to be replaced.

    It is recommended to replace the lock tenon of the same model from the original factory, and directly replace it without adjusting the lock clock. In the second renovation of the hotel, you can also consider replacing the RFID hotel door lock motherboard.

    5) Always check the matching gap between the hotel door lock mortise and the lock strike.

    Check whether the height of the locking bolt and the locking hole is suitable for long-term use. The best gap between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-3.5 mm. If there is any change, adjust the flocking hinge positioning hinge or the lock plate on the door.

    At the same time, pay attention to the weather caused by cold contraction and thermal expansion (winter and spring wet, dry), to ensure that the gap between the door and the door frame, mortise lock, lock strike plate is reasonable, and the lock is used smoothly.

    6) The installation and operation of the hotel RFID lock must be correct.

    When installing a hotel RFID lock, the handle and panel cannot be pasted with paper or tape. Do not install a lock when the paint on the door is wet.

    It is strictly forbidden to contact the lock surface with corrosive substances, damage the protective layer of the lock surface, and affect the gloss of the lock surface.

    7) Use special door lock maintenance fluid to wipe spots

    Some zinc alloy and copper hotel RFID locks will find “spots” after being installed on the door for a long time during use. This phenomenon is not rust but oxidation. If this happens, you can spray the door lock maintenance fluid to remove the spots.

    8) It is important not to use a damp cloth to wipe the panel and handle of the door lock.

    It is recommended to use hotel RFID door lock maintenance fluid to remove surface dirt, make the surface of the door lock smooth and moist, form a protective effect on the surface, improve the continuity of surface cleanliness, and make the surface clean as new!

    9) Hotel RFID door locks should be properly kept during decoration.

    During the renovation period, please do not play with the locked door bolt for a long time. If you close the door after playing with the lock bolt, it is easy to damage the lock bolt!

    10) The mechanical key lock of a hotel is tested

    After the hotel card lock is installed, please test it with a mechanical key. Normal operation of the door is possible.

    11) Keep the motherboard and the keyhole not wet.

    The main board and the lock tenon of the hotel card lock should not be exposed to rain, because the fine structure will cause rigidity or damage.

    12) The door buckle plate must be installed in the correct position, and the locking tongue cannot be pressed down. Otherwise, the door lock will “di…di…” alarm.

    13) The hotel card lock should be powered by alkaline batteries.

    Obviously, even a low battery leak can damage the smart hotel lock. It is recommended to use alkaline dry batteries (expensive, large capacity, not easy to leak), do not use dry carbon batteries (cheap, low power, easy to spread).

    14) Replace the hotel key card lock battery in time.

    After the low battery alarm, please replace the hotel card lock battery immediately to ensure the normal use of the door lock.

    15) Use a new hotel lock battery.

    Please note that no matter how many batteries are in your battery box, be sure to replace all batteries with new ones, and you cannot use old and new batteries together.

    16) The mechanical key must be kept properly.

    17) Regularly (every two months) “attendance cards” are issued to maintain the hotel’s key card locks.

    18) System operators must regularly backup the hotel card lock system database to ensure its security.

    19) When decorating a hotel room, can the exposed parts of the hotel door locks, handles, panels, etc. be sealed with plastic bags?

    The electronic door lock will corrode if it is exposed to acid or alkaline substances, and blistering will cause it to delaminate. Affect the appearance quality of electronic door locks.

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