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  • Full line of RFID cabinet lock, digital locker lock, fingerprint cabinet lock

  • 2-3 new style electronic cabinet locks are developed every time

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  • Custom smart cabinet lock design to be ideally suited for office, school lockers, golf clubs, water parks, fitness centers, hospital locker rooms.

    One Stop Keyless Cabinet Lock Solution

    • Several unlocking methods are available: card, password, fingerprint, IC chip

    • High quality, exquisite design, easy to install

    • 2 years warranty and spare parts and technical support

    Featured Keyless Cabinet Lock Solution

    RFID Cabinet Lock

    Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

    Digital Locker Lock

    No More Physical Keys need for Your Cabinets

    Gyms – your VIP member card is the locker key. School– Student ID card is the locker key. Home- your fingerprint is the locker key.

    Hot Selling Electronic Cabinet Locks

    rfid file cabinet lock

    Small Electronic Cabinet Locks

    invisible hidden rfid cabinet lock

    Invisible Cabinet Lock

    fingerprint drawer lock

    Fingerprint Drawer Lock

    fingerprint biometric fingerprint drawer lock

    Fingerprint Mini Drawer Lock

     Remote Control Digital Cabinet Lock

    Digital file cabinet lock

    Digital File Cabinet Lock

    Electronic Locker Lock

    Digital Keypad Combination Lock

    fingerprint cabinet lock

    Fingerprint Furniture Lock with Code access

    Keyless Cabinet Lock Supplier FAQ

    Micro USB port for emergency charging if the low battery that door can not open.

    Our keyless cabinet locks are powered by 3 pcs AA Alkaline batteries only.

    Alkaline battery can last about 10-12 months in normal use.

    The smart cabinet lock is a simple lock. NO app, No keyhole. If the battery is low, you could charge it via micro USB. Besides, we provide a master key for your backup.

    As for the detailed information on the function and operation of smart cabinet lock, please review the user manual. In Public Mode, it can be set as a keep-open state.

    Yes, you need to set it as automatic lock mode and it will automatically lock when cabinet is closed.

    Smart Lock Manufacturer

    Smart Cabinet Lock – Definitive Guide

    The keyless cabinet locks are designed to open your cabinet door without any physical keys, people also called them smart cabinet locks, electronic cabinet locks. As it also can be used in other furniture, many Chinese keyless cabinet lock manufacturers called it keyless furniture lock, all these cabinet locks are the same product, there are the smart cabinet locks.

    Why using a keyless cabinet lock in your cabinet?

    The main function of a keyless cabinet lock is to open the cabinet door without any physical keys. With the development of mobile technology, many advanced functions like face recognition, remote control, are added to traditional keyless cabinet locks. Keyless cabinet locks are increasing provide better and better user experience in good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy.

    By installing electronic cabinet locks, you don’t need to worry about losing your keys and get rid of the trouble of manage a lot of keys. While providing customers with a perfect user experience, the exquisite design of smart cabinet locks can improve the overall image of the enterprise.

    With the popularity of smart homes, more and more like to choose a smart lock for their home. Keyless cabinet locks are not just used in cabinets, actually, from a big cabinet to a small jewelry box, you can install a keyless cabinet lock. Ilockey provides three smart cabinet lock solutions for different furniture, including electronic cabinet lock, keyless drawer lock, and smart cupboard lock. Different sizes and shapes are considered in our designs, they will meet all your cabinet locking requirements.

    Keyless cabinet locks are often used in Gymnasium, School, Airport, SPA, etc. They can greatly improve management efficiency and using experience.

    How does the keyless cabinet lock work?

    Different from the smart door lock, there is no system requirement for a keyless cabinet lock, you don’t need to install any APP/Web software. Your guest can use these cabinet locks independently, 3 typical unlocking methods are available for them, including fingerprint, password, and RFID card. Normally, one type of smart cabinet lock just provides one unlocking method, some keyless cabinet locks may also support several unlocking methods at the same time.

    Here we take the digital cabinet lock as an example to show how the keyless cabinet locking system works. Before you using the cabinet lock, you need to set a password. When you need to open the cabinet lock, just enter the password and the door will open.

    The biggest concern for a keyless cabinet lock is that you forgetting your password. In this condition, you can ask the administrator for the spare key. Every keyless cabinet lock will be equipped with a master key. If the master key is also lost, the owner can reset the lock and set a new password. Different solutions are provided for password losing.

    Different from traditional mechanical keys, keyless cabinet locks need a power supply for their work. Normally, a 3AA battery can last 10-12 months. If the power is dead, you can take a power bank as a backup to recover the energy.

    Types of Keyless Cabinet Lock

    There are mainly 3 types of keyless cabinet locking systems, RFID cabinet lock, Digital locker lock, and fingerprint cabinet lock. With the development of mobile phone technology, some smart lock companies develop face recognition cabinet locks, WIFI cabinet locks. But as these products are not mature at present, so we don’t talk too much about these electronic cabinet locks.

    Digital Locker Lock

    A digital locker lock is also called a digital cabinet lock, it is designed to use a password to open the cabinet door. To meet different cabinet needs, digital locker lock supports horizontal body design and vertical body designs. Password often combines with an RFID card or fingerprint in one digital cabinet locks, which means that you can open the cabinet door with a password, also can open with an RFID card or your fingerprint.

    Digital locker lock is one of the basic keyless cabinet locking systems, simple, firm, cheap, and easy to install. Although the function is the same, the digital locker lock design and appearance become better and better. For a long time, digital locker lock is still the main keyless cabinet lock for gyms, offices, hospitals, schools, airports.

    RFID Cabinet Lock

    RFID cabinet lock is another basic smart lock for cabinets. As the RFID cabinet lock doesn’t need to prepare space for the keypad, so its design can be more flexible. RFID cabinet lock has been designed into the horizontal body design, vertical body designs, round designs.

    Recently, an RFID cabinet lock combine with Bluetooth function is hot selling on Amazon, this electronic cabinet lock is very small, so it also called an invisible cabinet lock. Compared to digital cabinet lock, RFID cabinet lock is easier to integrate with the latest technology, like Bluetooth, mobile phone. In not long future, you will see more and more powerful RFID cabinet locks are developed by RFID cabinet lock companies.

    Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

    Integrating with biological access to open the cabinet is the biggest feature for a fingerprint cabinet lock. As there is no space requirement, fingerprint cabinet lock can be designed very small, so it often used in small furniture locking, such as jewelry box, drawer.

    Normally, a fingerprint cabinet lock can store and recognize up to 20-100 fingerprints, no need of App or PC.

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