You may feel confused about the types of cabinet locks, because there are so many different types of cabinet locks, such as cupboard lock, drawer locks, file cabinet locks. Which one is suitable for my project?

ilockey saw many clients chose a wrong cabinet lock, which brings bad user experience for their customers. Although it may have good quality, they replace it in a not long time. Choosing the right cabinet lock for your project is not only save money but also help you got a good user experience.

Ilockey summary 7 types of typical cabinet lock according to the customer’s requirement. Many electronic cabinet lock manufacturers produce different kinds of functional locks base on these classical locks.

1. Fingerprint cabinet lock

Fingerprint lock is safe, convenient, and fashionable, it makes the fingerprint cabinet lock become one of the most popular cabinet locks in the current market.

At present, the fingerprint lock is divided into semiconductor fingerprint headlock and optical fingerprint headlock. The semiconductor fingerprint lock is a high recognition rate, high speed, small size, and safety. Optical fingerprint head technology is more mature, the lock has anti-scratch and better anti-stain feature.

The uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprint determine that fingerprint lock has a higher security level than other locks. The fingerprint cabinet lock is suitable for office file cabinet, furniture drawer, jewelry box, jewelry box, hospital locker, bank file cabinet.

2. Electronic combination cabinet lock

The electronic combination cabinet lock uses a series of Numbers as the password to lock/unlock the cabinet. It is safe, convenient, and fashionable, at the same time, you need to remember the password. It may be a problem for the elderly and children, so the electronic combination cabinet locks are welcomed by young people.

The keyboard can be divided into two modes: touch button and a physical button. This type of cabinet lock is suitable for office file cabinet, fitness center, SPA locker room, school dormitory, hospital, and other occasions.

3. RFID sensor cabinet lock

RFID cabinet locks use the CIRCUIT board MCPU (single chip microcomputer) to control the lock. After installing the battery, you can use the RFID card to open/close the cabinet. You can set the opening range and the permission when issuing the card.

RDIF sensor cabinet lock is an indispensable safety electronic cabinet lock for hotels, fitness centers, leisure centers, and golf centers.

Ilockey FREE MODE Lock is an updated version of the RFID Cabinet Lock. We make the VIP membership card become an electronic key. You can use your VIP card to check the storage box number at any time.

With this Free mode cabinet lock, you can avoid the disadvantages of password cabinet lock and the common RFID Card cabinet lock. We use this lock to help many clients to improve their customer user experience, for the project details, you can see Ilockey Smart Cabinet Lock works well in Fitness Center.

fitness center cabinet door lock

It is suitable for the fitness center, leisure club, SPA, yoga club, swimming pool, golf center, senior hotel, and other occasions.

fitness center cabinet door lock

4. Metal Coin Return Cabinet lock

The coin return cabinet lock/unlock the cabinet with the help of a metal coin. It uses the physical properties of the coin, such as weight, diameter, thickness, material, structure, and so on.

When the specified coin is not received, the lock is locked and cannot be opened by rotation. After you put the coin into the slot, then you can open the lock by rotation. The coin return cabinet lock is often used in many public places, such as large supermarkets, airports, stations.

5. Password Padlock

The password padlock is an upgrade of the common padlock. You can only use the password to open the lock without keys. It’s simple, cheap, small-size, you can use it in some personal place, such as bags, a suitcase, and cabinets.

6. Keyless APP Cabinet Lock

With internet technology development, the new Internet intelligent cabinet control system solution is more and more popular. You can use the QR code scanning to unlock the cabinet.

With this keyless APP cabinet lock, the cabinet can be used to unpack the locker, access your goods, and do the Express transceiver. It can replace the traditional printing locker, saving consumables, and reduce the maintenance cost.

The keyless APP cabinet lock is suitable for the charging storage cabinet. The disadvantage is that the construction cost is high at the beginning, which requires a network environment to be used.


7. Barcode Smart locker lock

Bar code smart locker lock is controlled by an embedded computer, a barcode paper is used to open the cabinet.

The barcode paper is easy to carry, with a unique password, it makes the barcode locker lock become a popular applicability product. It is widely used in many large passenger flow places, such as supermarkets, libraries, railway stations.

It’s suitable for free use. The disadvantage is the huge cost and has the paper-wasting problem.

With internet technology development, the cabinet lock becomes more and more intelligent. With these 7 types of typical cabinet locks, I hope you can know more about your requirement.