In August 2019, we received a smart cabinet lock inquiry from our website. The client is a world-famous chain fitness center, located in Italy, with 14 offices worldwide in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia. They provide interior design instruction and custom fitness equipment for their customers. Currently, their clients include hotels, fitness centers, universities, and professional training facilities.

Their Asia sourcing manager Jean contacted us. She was impressed with our products’ appearance and function. They were looking for a smart cabinet lock solution for their fitness center.

1. Smart Cabinet Lock Requirement

Before contacted us, the fitness center used the combination cabinet lock. The combination cabinet lock kept open until someone uses it. The user sets a password, when they need to open it, they just use the enter the same password.

However, people forgot their password sometimes. In the fitness center, there was about 1-3 person forgetting their password every day. If people forget their password, they can ask help from the front desk management. But it brings them an unpleasant experience. For the fitness center, it’ invariably increase an extra burden for the staff.

They have 3 problems for the new smart cabinet lock:

  1. When the cabinet is occupied, the lock can be unlocked by the other guest’s card? (Except management card)
  2. When the card is returned, can the card lock/open any empty cabinets?
  3. How can a customer know where his things are in a cabinet when he has forgotten it?


2. Smart lock solution for Fitness Center

After further communication, we provide customers with our FREE MODE RFID Cabinet Lock

The FREE MODE cabinet lock is one of our company’s most advantageous smart cabinet locks. We have provided electronic cabinet lock solutions for many large-scale fitness centers, all of which are used in this product. It can be perfect to solve the problems raised by customers:

1) When the cabinet is occupied, the lock can be unlocked by the other guest’s card? (Except management card)

A: Yes, when the cabinet is occupied, other guests’ CARDS can’t unlock it. One guest card corresponds to one cabinet. We provide a 2-year warranty for our cabinet lock. If there is any problem during this period, we will provide free after-sales service and replace the bad lock with a new one without repair.

Besides, we provide a management card for each project. The management card can just open the door, couldn’t be used to close the cabinet. If you lost the management card, you can apply a new one, and the original card can’t be used again.

The function can avoid some hidden trouble, for example, an employee leaves with the card, it brings to the fitness center management a safety problem.

2) When the card is returned, can the card lock / open any empty cabinets?

A: Yes, the next guest can use the returned card to lock/open the door on any empty cabinet. The card can be used for unlimited circulation without any restrictions.

We will install 1-2 card readers for each item. If the user forgets to lock a cabinet, he/she will brush the card of the cabinet on the card reader (mounted on the wall) and the cabinet number of the card reader will be displayed on the display screen of the reader.

3) How can a customer know where his things are in a cabinet when he has forgotten it?

We will install 1-2 card readers for each project. If the user forgets to the using cabinet, he/she can put the card on the card reader (mounted on the wall), and the card reader will show the cabinet number.

In addition, after it is encrypted by a handheld device, any Mifare1 card of this lock can be used as the key of the cabinet lock. It means the customer’s membership card can also be used as the key.

At the same time, this smart cabinet lock is small and exquisite, it matches the ergonomic design. The body is made of zinc alloy material casting, strong and durable. Two colors are available, dumb black and silver-gray, it can match different color cabinets.

3. Lock Function Display

Normally, our sales will introduce the lock function to clients remotely through the video. Her is the specific system composition:

1) Handheld device: 2 pcs for each project. One to use and one to spare.

Read the information in the card (including the card type and cabinet number), the guest can use it to read the card.

2) Set and manage different types of CARDS:

  1. Issue management CARDS (to ensure that CARDS between different systems cannot be used by each other)
  2. Clear card information. This function will be used when the content of the IC card is wrong
  3. Initialize (encrypt) the user card
  4. Write the cabinet number setting card
  5. Cabinet lock: It is installed on each cabinet to lock/open the door. Every cabinet should be installed a lock.
  6. Card reader: If the user forgets to use the cabinet, put the card on the card reader (mounted on the wall), and the cabinet number will be displayed on the display screen of the reader. (1-2 card reader will be installed for each project.)
  7. Card/wrist strap: the electronic key for locking/opening cabinet doors. We usually provide 3 keys for each cabinet. Considering the lost phenomenon, we recommended the number of CARDS is 3 times the number of cabinet locks).

4. Make an order

The customer has shown great interest in our cabinet lock solution and asked us to send samples for testing. We finished the sample within 3 days and sent it to Thailand by DHL.

However, when the client received our samples, he raised a problem. Our sample lock shows blue light whenever it is locked or unlocked. It can be changed the green light when it is unlocked, and the red light when it is occupied?

In this way, their guests can immediately know that the cabinet is occupied. Through the technical evaluation, we think the opinions are very professional and more convenient to users, so we make another sample according to the client’s request. We show the new sample’s function to the customers through the video, and it satisfies our clients.

Finally, after a new round of communication for the samples and price, we get a 350 pcs trial order from the client.

5. Client’s Feedback

So far, our Free Mode smart cabinet lock has been working perfectly in our customers’ fitness center for nearly a year, and we have been receiving customers’ return orders. Both the owner and manager of the fitness center are impressed with the appearance and function.

In addition, the client told us that they would like to replace the Hafele’s cabinet lock with Ilockey brand smart cabinet lock in the future.

The news made us very proud of our locks, at the same time, we feel a bit pity that Hafele loss such quality customer.

As we know, Hafele is a century-old German furniture & hardware brand, they provide many excellent furniture hardware schemes, the quality is very good. Unfortunately, their lock can’t use the membership card as the cabinet lock key. Besides, they don’t have the handheld advice function, the management lack some convenience. ilockey cabinet lock technology can fill the blank in this field, meet the management needs of customers.

Up to now, we have maintained a very good cooperative relationship with customers. At last, we would like to thank customers for their trust and support. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.