What kind of campus smart door lock is suitable for college dormitories? Campus public safety problems always a headache for school management. At present, the traditional mechanical key is still the main way to open the door in most colleges. If the keyless smart door locks are used on the campus, it can not only benefit the school management and reputation but also solve many campus public safety problems.

Our UK client Kevin is the specialist for campus systems management integrator. We received his inquiry in September 2019, he was looking for an intelligent access control system to replace the traditional mechanical keys in the university, it should be suitable for both multimedia classrooms, library, two gymnasiums, gymnasium, swimming pool, dance studio, piano room, and other facilities. The number of locks used in the whole project is around 450 pieces.

The traditional mechanical key is the cheapest door lock, and it is not easy to broken, everyone knows how to use it. With these advantages, the mechanical key is still the basic door lock on the campus. However, there are three key problems for the mechanical key to lock the door.

  1. What if the key is lost?
  2. What if someone copies my key to cause safety problems?
  3. What if someone uses a lockpick to open the door?

For the campus lock, a smart door lock can not only solve those problems but also can do many management jobs, such as class checking-in, avoiding extreme events, classroom reservations, etc. It totally decreases the public safety risk, and save a lot of time for the school management.

1. Ilockey Smart door lock solution for campus

In fact, the campus smart door lock is very similar to the hotel door lock, the only difference is that the functional management requirements are not consistent. As the door lock application scenario and functions are different, so many management modules need to be customized.

Campus intelligent door lock system belongs to the category of engineering batch lock. According to the campus using features, our client chooses the economical, maturity, stable, safe, low-power smart lock.

Image Function


1.  Support ANSI standard mortise;
2. Unlocking by MF card and Mechanical key;
3. Power supply by 4 pcs AA batteries;
4. Panel material: Stainless steel +ABS plastic material

                                                          Ilockey campus smart door lock


2. Smart Door Lock Functions

With this customized smart campus door lock, you can access the following functions:

  • Classroom reservation:

The management system can connect the class scheduling system in school, so as to provide spare classrooms for teachers and students in need.

  • Permission management function

Card permission: user card must have permissions, or it can’t open the door;

Time Permission: during the time permission, the card is allowed to open doors.

In addition, different permissions are given to CARDS of different usages, such as teacher cards, student cards, management cards, general control cards, etc.

  • Offline Management

When the network is interrupted, the basic function of the door lock is normal. After the network returns normal, the door lock will report the opening record during the interruption.

  • Card Key & Mechanical Key Support

In general, we use the card key, when there is an emergency, the mechanical key can be used, different people use different keys.

  • Real-time Data Management

You can use the management computer to do the data operation, such as download & delete a card, update time. The computer can monitor the switch and the battery state in real-time.

  • Emergencies Control System

The networked access control system can interact with fire control systems. If there is any fire or other emergencies, the system will open the door immediately so that the teachers and students can escape quickly.

  • Connect Third Parties

The smart door lock management system can integrate organic data with campus dormitory administrator system, student engineering system, welcome system, graduation system, and college card system, etc.

After finishing the connection, the door lock system can directly authorize the door lock. You will never worry about the student accommodation information changes, teachers’ management authority changes, access control authority changes, one-card card opening, card replacement, loss reporting, and other behaviors.

The external interface is also reserved for the system to facilitate the direct docking of third-party manufacturers.

3. Easy Management System

With this smart door lock, you can use several ways to open the door, including campus card, NFC mobile phone, temporary password, mobile APP, management background software directly open doors, and mechanical keys.

With these wireless access control locks on the campus, school management becomes easier. You can see all the lock’s situations with the background software.

We spend 1 month to discuss all the details with Kevin and his colleague, and 4 months to develop the software and debug the lock system. Finally, we send 10 pcs samples to the UK in March 2020, our lock works very well, and it gets high praise from our clients.

Because we still need this campus keyless door lock system to serve other customers, so we pay 1/3 costs of this project. Now, this campus keyless door lock system has worked in 3 colleges around the world.

There is no doubt that the intelligent lock system will be the trend, more and more people would like to choose it to replace the traditional mechanical key. ilockey is the specialist of smart door locks, we can provide very good campus smart door lock systems for our partner and help them to win the market.